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So The Glowing Stars are playing during the Big Live Live Show. When the crew mentioned that on the bombcast I didn't really believe my ears at first. Not that I'm a huge fan, but it's a little weird for me because the vocalist Lizzie Cuevas used to be on TalkRadar often. Plus they played one of their tracks on the podcast.

Hopefully they do some weird visual element with the green screen during the show!

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Wow i just listened to a song and it was pretty awful.

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Never heard of them

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Pretty awful, those songs actually make my ears kind of hurt. 
Although I would like to congratulate them on having a Bandcamp, such a wonderful tool for artists. 

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These guys aren't for me, but its gonna be like a billion hours long and this is when you can go make a sandwich or something

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Remove the vocals and they're alright.

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@zombie2011 said:

Wow i just listened to a song and it was pretty awful.

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@GenghisJohn said:

These guys aren't for me, but its gonna be like a billion hours long and this is when you can go make a sandwich or something

Yeah, that and during comic vine segments as well.
@Delphye said:

Remove the vocals and they're alright.

true, I love chiptunes but vocals just can't go together at all.
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I saw these guys and their live performance is actually pretty great. I'm excited.

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Christ you guy are harsh. I think they sound great. The recordings you linked to are pretty low quality, of course it doesn't sound great. They will sound a lot better playing live.

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Not my cup of tea.

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Just to spite everyone here, I'm going to make a sandwich in the 23.5 hours Glowing Stars are not playing music.

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People are fucking harsh. I am also excited to see them play.

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I remember how Lizzie used to be at GamesRadar but even listening to TalkRadar I never really got around to checking them out. I like the idea though. I like chiptunes in songs and I like vocals in songs! Chocolate in my peanut butter.

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I could listen to this but I would much prefer not to. lyrics are awful, voice is mediocre at best. Chiptunes aren't really my thing.

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I like it. Not my normal type of music, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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I actually like it.

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I'm digging it.

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I figured some people might be turned off by the vocals, but I'm a fan.

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Not my favorite thing in the world, but it's kinda cool, hope they do well Friday.

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As someone who listens to TalkRadar every week I'm pretty excited! I've listened to a couple of there songs and they're good - if you're into that genre. Also Lizzie is super cute.

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I hadn't heard of them until recently when the Joystiq podcast interviewed the lead singer when they did an episode about video game music. She kind of put me off them even before I heard the music. She was a bit blase when asked the question (and I'm paraphrasing) 'So what games do you play?' to which she replied 'I don't play video games..' Which just kind of irked me that chiptune and the 8 bit retro style is just a scene which some people steal from because its the new 'cool' without actually having a gaming foundation. 
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Yeah, not a fan of the lyrics; they're trite and kinda boring.

Regardless, I'm sure their segment on the BLLSL will be pretty fun.

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I dig it. I'm pumped to see 'em.

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Wow, that's pretty cool. Not the best, but it's not bad either. Looking forward to seeing them play tomorrow.

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Oh no! good thing I stopped the song in time, my ears almost began to bleed. Horrendous!

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awesome, i went to high school with Lizzy. Doubt she remembers me, but i have a pin from her first band (or i think it was her first band).

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doesn't really amaze me with their music, but kudos for giving them a gig here. 

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Miss our 8 string slinging friend already! :p 
or was that 14?

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@YOUNGLINK: None of what you said happened

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Yeah they were pretty terrible live on the show.  I'm actually a pretty big chiptune fan, but this did absolutely nothing for me. 
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Was the sound suppose to be really low? I could barley hear them.

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@TehJames: Wasn't just you. Maybe there was no problem on the live show, but the on the justin.tv archive it was barely audible. 
Not that I mind though, from the little I could make out, they're not my thing. 
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@YOUNGLINK: But Jeff has been a guest of their podcast before, and so has Brad...