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As anyone should be able to, I can confirm this as I had also bought a frame and it was much too small for the poster.

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Still waiting for them to send my poster and second lot of tshirts :( but I can't wait, it looks awesome.

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Thanks for the heads up, was just about to order a 18x24 frame when I read this.

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I was going to say that is being bigger is a good thing, but that sucks if your frame isn't big enough. False advertising! Sue! SUE! (Kidding!)

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Really? Good to know. I suppose I was gonna find that out anyway since I didn't order a frame or anything but still. Can we get some pictures confirming this?

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When they held it up during the signing live stream this was my first thought. It looked a good deal bigger than I thought it was supposed to be. Which seemed like a good thing at first but sucks for you guys who bought frames. They might want to fix that on the store page.

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Good thing I procrastinate, thanks for the tip!

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@TopSteer: @benguin: @KingofClassy: @jonny126: @MooseyMcMan: @Tuffgong: @chilibean_3: @WhiskeyAbe:

Guys, this was my fault. I'm sorry.

Here's what happened...

In the rush to get the store up and running, dealing with our vendor to settle on the pricing and artwork, I neglected to update the store page to reflect the proper size of the poster. I opted to go for a higher quality paper for the poster and our vendor got back to me right before the store launch saying that for the higher quality we'd have to go for a bigger print. I agreed, figuring people would prefer the higher quality paper and the bigger print.

Of course, all would have been fine had I updated the page. In the rush of orders and getting to all the customer service requests dealt with regarding orders, it totally skipped my mind.

I'm really sorry about the fact some of you went out and bought frames for it an 18x24 print. I hope you can return them and get the proper sized frame. If anyone's unhappy with the print, please email me directly at daniel@whiskeymedia.com and you and I will coordinate a return of the poster.

Again, very sorry. I should have fixed this on the product page. Won't happen again.

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P.S. If anyone feels the need to berate me for my stupidity, please call the Whiskey Media Red Phone.

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Shit, did Whiskey Media have a clause about class action lawsuits in their terms of service? I never sent in my letter!

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So what sizes are you guys buying to accommodate this poster? I am having trouble finding 18 x 36 frames.

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@TopSteer: Thanks for the heads up! Hope you can get your frame refunded.
No Worries Daniel! Can't complain about a better Poster.
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So I take it you guys got your Posters?

I ordered 4 shirts before the BLLSL 2, then another 2 and the poster later that day

I got an email saying the 4 tshirts had been shipped, shortly after the poster signings (and they arrived today, they are very nice) but no second package.

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Mmmmm, smells like paint.

My poster came in a HUGE ass tube...after reading this thread I knew the poster was bigger, but the size of the tube made me think the poster inside was going to be a lot bigger than it was.

For comparison, the tube, and the poster inside the tube:

I am glad though, better than a damaged poster