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EDIT: This is mostly written in a stream of consciousness style this morning after my morning commute after listening to the first half or so of the Bombcast.  That's why my writing is confusing.  Long story short- poop wasn't done in a toilet in a hotel the night before a Pokemon tournament.  That's kinda funny.  We should talk more about that than ME3 ending controversies IMHO.
I'm sorry community.  I'm dissapointed.  The bombcast guys make a totally salient point how gamers are too entitled about all this Mass Effect fricase, and you respond by posting more game ending discussions?  Seriously?
Ok now that all of you have left, the rest of you know what's up.  Flinging poo. First, here's the nintendo life article which is rather hilarious by itself.  Who has a 'poo' fight?  Seriously?  Also, hereis the forum thread link.  Now excuse me for a minute while I go read these and try not to pass out from laughter.  I'll be back to comment. 
Some thoughts on the posts:

  • Drunk Rob?  Infamous?  After one beer (I assume thats what he meant).  Really?  Lightweights
  • Also if you're 25, your drunk days aren't behind you, or you had some prior poo fights yourself.  That's not enough time to reach a conclusion against drinking imho
  • Also the poo flinging wasn't (as far as I can read) a "we've won lets fling some poo"  It was a "we're at a hotel and drunk the night before the competition, let's fling poo" kind of thing.  that's insane
  • Also this, as if a natural thing: "You don't just walk into work one day and type in 'Pokemon Poo Fight' and then find my warstory and then put it in your news blog on the internet or anything"
  • Finally, I went to the forum itself, not just the thread, there's a thread a few below it called "Team standard shit on bread"  hmm.
Ok so some parting collected thoughts: First, if you read through to the second page of the thread everyone, including the OP seems a little put off by the coverage of the poo fight.  So I'm left to wonder is this like the FGC and sexism where these PGC (Pokemon games community?) guys (also could stand for Poo Games community, btw) are all naturally inclined to throw shit at each other?  I mean it's possible.  Also, it seems the story takes place in multiple ways depending on what you read, and when it was published.  I think what happened was the night before the competition the spanish team got kicked out of their hotel for some sort of poop throwing.  Then they won the competition the next day (apparently feces is Spanish adrenaline), and were subsequently stripped of their trophy for the shit throwing.  Heres a set of links:
I post the kotaku ones because I think you can see a clear split between the first 2 links in terms of 'what happened.'  Also the second link has a hilarious anecdote about "ed" the shit-chucker.  And the pokebeach link seems 

And finally, a closing thought: The dude in the forum post sounds like not he, but his friends are drinking lightweights.  Drunk after a pint?  Also i think at 25 not drinking at all might be a bit of a rash choice.  Finally, the shitting in the hallway/shit throwing happened before the competition not after.  So it was not 'celebratory' or at least not so in the 'we won the competition way.'  It may have been celebratory in another way.  In that these guys who still live with their parents are finally 'out on the town' with their friends for a weekend (with alcohol).  So what's the first thing they do?  Throw poop.  You know, because your mom still gets on you about wiping your butt and stuff.  That's kindof harsh, I know.  But seriously, poo flinging is the kind of thing you might expect to happen if you gave a bunch of emotional children a hotel and alcohol.  I'm just saying.  I mean you win a big championship and get drunk, maybe a rational adult might think- oh hey lets have a poo flinging contest.  Maybe.  But a child is the one who would do so just because you're by yourself in a hotel.
Also, poo story time.  I had a teacher who was a reservist.  He had a Kevlar knee from Iraq and other cool stories, but that's not the best one.  One summer he worked in a restaurant as his summer job.  Said restaurant was known for it's chili. One morning he was doing whatever his prep work when he saw what the chili cook did to make such great chili.  He had the short order cook stand over the chili pot and literally shit in the chili. My teacher said he quit that day.  But yea, shit in your chili man.  Shit. In. Your. Chili.
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Pokemon is serious shit.

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This is amazing. I'm still behind in podcasts because of Tested's 24 hour behemoth.

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@psylah: @GS_Dan: My inititial response to both of your posts are "you're shitting me, right?"  Seriously though, this event, hilarious by itself, inspires some great discussion on the bombcast this week.  Sorry for the shitty spoilers.
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I almost bust a gut listening to the convosation. It was so goddamn funny.

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@mfpantst said:

@psylah: @GS_Dan: My inititial response to both of your posts are "you're shitting me, right?"  Seriously though, this event, hilarious by itself, inspires some great discussion on the bombcast this week.  Sorry for the shitty spoilers.

I meant what I said about Pokemon.
 I wasn't being fecestious.
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@psylah: That kind of talk is uncalled for here.  Get that shit out of here!
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@mfpantst said:
@psylah: That kind of talk is uncalled for here.  Get that shit out of here!
 I apologize if my candor is considered BM here...
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@psylah: Sorry for taking a dump on you, it's been a real poo-ey day here.
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I hope that kid is no older than like 7 and is a BEAST at pokemon.

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Just to point out, the media massively overhyped this and started reporting it as some sort of shit-flinging fiasco in the corridors of a hotel.

That is not what actually happened.

Some dude took a dump in his friends' room as a joke, and they made him carry it back to his room. This caused some commotion when other guests noticed this guy carrying a turd across a corridor. Nobody threw shit, there wasn't some screwball Benny Hill scat scene involving naked men running rampant about a hotel hurling faeces at each other, it was just one, admittedly disgusting incident that has since become the topic of the day for people like Kotaku, who have either been wildly misinformed, or just felt like posting a false story.

p.s OP, your post was mind-bogglingly hard to read, might wanna be a bit more careful with your words in future.

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@James_Giant_Peach: I was purposefully giving freeform commentary on the issue.  Of course, this is buried in the stream-of-consciousness that I wrote, but the OP in the forum thread that is being 'sourced' ended up being as upset as you sound (or sounded based on what I read) about the way this has been covered.  Of course they didn't talk details, and I tried to highlight this as how the people in that thread (and to an extent) yourself responded as if shitting not in a toilet really isn't a big deal.  not a big serious deal, but a big funny deal.  
Also I had no reason to be careful with my words because I was trying to highlight the absurd and hilarious, not the serious.  Though I was trying to note how even between the two different kotaku articles the tone of the 'story' changed from this kind of funny "what the hell" thing to a mildly more serious "people flinging poo in a hotel" thing.  
And finally, your 'be more careful' response (depending if you mean, "don't make accusations", or just "you write odd" the latter being understandable and I get it) is something I saw in the forum where the dude talked about it and something I kinda caught with all the fighting game stuff, and why I tried to draw a connection.  These guys are closing ranks around a dude who thinks getting to be in a hotel and get some alcohol means plaing games with poo.  You know, because pooping in people's hotel rooms is totally a joke, even among friends.
I'm sorry, I have a hard time taking any of this serious.  This is both funny and ridiculous.  Any attempts to make this more serious will be massively shit upon.
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@James_Giant_Peach said:

some screwball Benny Hill scat scene involving naked men running rampant about a hotel hurling faeces at each other

Yeah but I'm gonna keep thinking of it like that, because that's way funnier.