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Okay, to make this an actual thread, here is some content: During the E3 day 3broadcast, it was revealed, that as a child, Justin McElroy from, was the star of a public access TV show called Time Belt. Here is the official tumblr link.

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Thanks, was trying to look for the Tumblr link. Saw the first episode after watching the live stream, and knowing the story behind it made it all the more better!

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I love baby Justin McElroy. He issh shooo cute.

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@Daiphyer said:

I love baby Justin McElroy. He issh shooo cute.

Especially with his oversized, extremely pink shirt.

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No one denies the validity of having a "The Time Belt Appreciation Thread," but just posting a link as the original post with no context as to what the link is or where it is directing users is considered spam. A new, more comprehensive, thread topic would be more than welcomed on the site.