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#51 Posted by HS_Alpha_Wolf (103 posts) -


Great Ideas of the Future take time. Besides, by this time Vinny will look just barely older than he does now.

#52 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (1623 posts) -

This is a pretty good shirt :) ... Funny to those who are in on the joke but not so crazy it weirds people out that don't know what it's about. I approve!

#53 Posted by hojufixter (109 posts) -

Awesome design

#54 Posted by djou (875 posts) -

@brianfolchetti: Sold! Not sure if you are aware of this service.Cotton Bureau

If the GB guys are cool with it I would totally post the design here and see if anyone else is interested. I definitely would be.

#55 Posted by Red12b (9084 posts) -


Hey rorie, How hard is it to get shirts like this one done?

i'm guessing kinda hard, considering the Ryan shirt didn't end up going out,

What're the logistics with stuff like that, what failed?

#56 Edited by brianfolchetti (5 posts) -

@djou: Never seen this website before, thanks for the link. I think the joke would be lost on random internet shirt shoppers, but that's a cool idea.

Thanks again everybody for the ridiculous amount of positivity over the design, like I said I didn't really expect much reaction from the design but I'm glad you guys have digged it so much as to say "Please take my money, I need this on my body". If the guys over at Giant Bomb were actually interested in making this happen, I would gladly email over the appropriate files to make this a real and purchasable thing.

#57 Edited by IanYarborough (152 posts) -

@brianfolchetti: That is an awesome design! The little inside jokes are amazing touches. Can we seriously pitch this to the guys as a t-shirt? I'd buy it yesterday.

#58 Edited by Lydian_Sel (2486 posts) -

That's amazing, I want one!

#59 Posted by Grixxel (766 posts) -

Make it a hoodie (one that looks worn and beat up) and I'll buy it.

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#61 Posted by iragequit (334 posts) -

I was thinking about making one of these, then I decided not to spend time unpacking and installing that legitimate copy of photoshop I have.

Awesome work.

#62 Posted by SLowrAM (37 posts) -

Sold, put me down for 1.

#63 Posted by yyZiggurat (1016 posts) -

Looks great!

#64 Posted by Evilsbane (4619 posts) -

That logo is ill as fuuuuck lol, really though that is sharp!

#65 Posted by reversethedevil (99 posts) -
#66 Posted by Jadeskye (4367 posts) -

I'd buy one!

#67 Posted by mattscout007 (87 posts) -

I would buy one, you did a fantastic job with this design.

#68 Posted by theodacourt (536 posts) -

Needs more magnets.

#69 Posted by Anund (897 posts) -

Yeah I would buy that. Good job!

#70 Posted by squiDc00kiE (352 posts) -

I want that shirt. Now.

#71 Posted by Blackbear (20 posts) -
#72 Posted by RetroVirus (1473 posts) -

I would totally buy this as a t-shirt.

#73 Posted by RobotHamster (4171 posts) -

I would pay real u.s. currency money for this. See if you can contact Jeff or someone and what the chances are of putting in the store!

#75 Posted by rye256 (116 posts) -

Why haven't you taken my money for this shirt yet?!

#76 Edited by rye256 (116 posts) -

Why haven't you taken my money for this shirt yet?!

#77 Posted by KirePDX (69 posts) -

I generally don't like logos on my shirts, but I would buy at least two of these. I'm willing to take a couple steps to make this happen. Does anyone know of examples of community shirts making it to sale?

#78 Posted by mekon (285 posts) -

Sign me up. I think it would be best to talk to GB about it, they'll know how to set this up.

#79 Posted by PrioritySeven (322 posts) -

So good! Well done duder!

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Yeah, they should totally sell that.

#81 Posted by nccows (69 posts) -

I don't know anything about selling t-shirts to other people via the internet, but if you just want one for yourself, I'm sure CustomInk would be able to hook you up.

#82 Posted by originalgamer (49 posts) -

needs more magnets.

#83 Posted by blueneurosis (98 posts) -

Everybody, I just want to say without a trace of irony:

This looks like a job for Kickstarter.

  • Figure out who could do a high quality run of shirts and how much that would cost.
  • Make that number the goal.
  • Hopefully show GB that it can be a viable shirt for the store.
  • Make one of the stretch goals getting @vinny a few dozen high power electromagnets to play with.
#84 Posted by Tupacalypse (131 posts) -

Wow I really want this.

#85 Edited by sate2801 (345 posts) -

this looks GREAT!
I'm more than happy to drop $15 when it's on kickstarter :D

#86 Edited by parkersneverdie (28 posts) -

I love it. Without a doubt worth $15-20. Do it.

#87 Posted by CrispyT68 (28 posts) -

Nice piece of work, duder.

#88 Posted by TN04 (21 posts) -

Provided that it can be shipped to the UK... take my money please!

#89 Posted by wenis (43 posts) -


for real. id drop $15 on this bad boy.

#91 Posted by DanHammett (156 posts) -

It's great, but it should have Vinny's hometown/place of birth instead of Detroit, MI

#92 Posted by razielrioux (128 posts) -
#93 Edited by FirebirdINF (275 posts) -

I haven't wanted to get any gb store shirts, but this one I would consider and spend my membership credits on. The whole discussion on the podcast hurt my brain so hard, some brain cells may have suicided in protest. Physics, don't forget to go to physics!

#94 Posted by Doomed (197 posts) -

I don't like overcomplicated shirts like this. I'd rather have just the hand truck, earthshaker cab, and some indication that magnets were involved.

#95 Posted by chiablo (933 posts) -

This is the technology that will drive the MagLift system:

#96 Posted by beepmachine (618 posts) -

Love it. It should come come with a pair of old beat up overalls and work boots included.

#97 Posted by Nictel (2412 posts) -
#98 Posted by Cobbles (16 posts) -

This is fantastic!

What's the name of the font you used for "VinnCo"? I love it!

#99 Posted by James_ex_machina (905 posts) -

1st day buyer

#100 Posted by bemusedchunk (692 posts) -

God damnit this is amazing.

Can this just be a physical thing already?!?!