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this is just great, really good work duder.

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Need this shirt now. Thanks.

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Would the mods allow the creation of VinnCo. as a company in the Wiki?

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This is pretty awesome. I love the 50's inspired future techness of it. Also love the Detroit aspect! *Represent!*

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That's pretty damn good.

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Beautiful - both visually and superconductive diamagnetically. Full marks!

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How did I miss this design?! We need more inside joke shirts like this, and... I think I'm gonna buy it. I hesitate as I live in Europe, which might make this an unnecessary expensive purchase. It does feel worth it though.

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As a proud new owner of this shirt, and because I just spent my entire morning trying to find the context of this shirt, I will paste the fruits of by labors here for future generations to see. The conversation from which Vinny birthed the concept of the Vinnco® Maglift™ System Mark III, the invention of which in the future year 2087 will net Vinny Caravella a billion dollars and make it easier for others to effortlessly move their Earthshaker pinball cabinets happened in the July 23rd, 2013 podcast at the 39 minute mark.

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@namco51: You coulda just asked, I would have told you that!

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@baillie: But then I wouldn't have re-listened to these classic GB epidodes :)

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@namco51 said:

@baillie: But then I wouldn't have re-listened to these classic GB epidodes :)

im just surprised you found it that quickly.....

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there is a kickstarter right now that is about sound levitation, says someone might be able to apply it to move heavy things. Vinny's future is real