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#101 Edited by Syndrom (356 posts) -

this is just great, really good work duder.

#102 Posted by decibel04 (2 posts) -

Need this shirt now. Thanks.

#103 Posted by noizy (660 posts) -

Would the mods allow the creation of VinnCo. as a company in the Wiki?

#104 Posted by CByrne (192 posts) -

This is pretty awesome. I love the 50's inspired future techness of it. Also love the Detroit aspect! *Represent!*

#105 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2216 posts) -

That's pretty damn good.

#106 Posted by spinthelights (11 posts) -

Beautiful - both visually and superconductive diamagnetically. Full marks!

#108 Edited by fetchfox (1251 posts) -

How did I miss this design?! We need more inside joke shirts like this, and... I think I'm gonna buy it. I hesitate as I live in Europe, which might make this an unnecessary expensive purchase. It does feel worth it though.