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Poll: The Voyage of the Mimi, ever watch it? (26 votes)

Yes. I'm over the age of 30. :( 31%
Nope. My first console was the N64. 38%
Oh yeah. That show! That's the one with the coffin and the indian and Captain Ahab! 0%
Electromagnets will help you jungle. 15%
The warrant! 15%

I remember watching this during science class in the 5th grade. It's actually up on Youtube!

Vinny, there was totally an episode of Voyage of the Mimi where two of the male boat crew were stranded and were suffering from hypothermia. They had to share a sleeping bag to avoid death.

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Doesn't ring any bells. I remember my first time learning about the whole body heat to stay warm thing was with Fresh Prince.

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I've definitely seen it before, not close to 30 yet.

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Yup. 5th grade social studies.

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not over the age of 30 though, I'm 19.

It was on a motherfucking laserdisc. I remember none of us knew what a laserdisc was, the thing looked so crazy when she pulled it out.

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It was my favorite show as a kid. CT Granville was my hero. I had this huge book that went with the show.

And that's not what happened. After the engines went out and the mast broke and they made their way to the Island, Captain Granville started to suffer from hypothermia while in the water assessing the damage to the boat. He passed out and they put him in a sleeping bag, basically stripped his clothes, and Ramon stripped his clothes too and got in the sleeping bag to use his body heat to stabilize the captain.

Also, they had hardcore science in there too, Jeff. Second half of the episodes were a very young Ben Affleck checking out science things that related to the events that had taken place in the episode. Tons of info about meteorology, extreme weather, marine biology etc. crammed into my tiny head back then.

The second season wasn't as good as the first, but I can still write from 1 to 19 in Mayan. 20 is some insane eye looking thing and I never got that down.

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@dystopiax: Same here! Although, my fifth grade teacher used a VHS...so I guess I did not have as great an experience as you did.

I remember most of my class hated the movie but we could all fluently sign, "CT see's whales", or whatever it was the deaf woman said. I liked the movie, though!

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Im 20, watched both of the mimi series' in 5th grade, AND visited (and went on) the actual mimi (which no longer exists) on a field trip... I win

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Yep, it was a big part of my 7th grade science class. And now that damned theme song is stuck in my head.

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Were you in my 5th grade class? because thats also were I watched it. That was awesome, also the mud mash pit in the end is very sexual.

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Haha yeah. I remember THAT episode too. The one Vinny was talking about. I remember it because everyone in my sixth grade class was grossed out about it.

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When the ship from the show came to Philadelphia in either fall 1996 or spring 1997 (me in fourth grade) we went on a field trip on a terribly rainy day to some big museum in Philly then actually went on and inside the Mimi itself which was docked a few hundred yards from the museum complex.

And yes, much to the chagrin of all the boys in class, that hypothermia scene between the Simpsons looking captain and some Geordi Laforge looking dude was basically all of our introduction to, or public admittance that we knew what gayness was.

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I only remember "red tide" and the theme song.