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We're beginning 2012 with something of a bang by covering some of the best moments from last year. We do best-ofs for great podcasts; you may recall we've covered shows like GameSpot's The HotSpot, 1UP's 1UP Yours, GFW Radio, and Idle Thumbs, and after that remarkable procession it seemed appropriate to tackle perhaps the most remarkable of all, the Giant Bombcast. For those that haven't heard our shows before, this is essentially the funniest and most insightful discussion from a year's worth of podcasts compiled together for your listening pleasure. We usually cover older shows, but the Bombcast needed attention right away. (Incidentally, we should have the best of 2008 from the Bombcast ready in a month.)

Here's a link to our RSS feed, the original blog post, and the show, which is in two parts—Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here.

More information is in the original blog post; songs included on the show are Holidae In by Chingy (seemed appropriate somehow) and, naturally, Kanye West's Power. We hope you enjoy the show. For more of our shows as threads on Giant Bomb, scroll through my blog. Finally, we use a concept Giant Bomb theme song that a user uploaded here about half a year ago. Unfortunately, I can't find the user's original post. It was a concept theme song for Season Four; if you know the user that uploaded it, please let us know so we can give proper credit instead of the rather nondescript "Giant Bomb user."

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I love these types of mash-ups, definitely giving it a listen. Thanks!

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Always been a fan of your collections so I'm really looking forward to reliving these again.

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@ZanzibarBreeze: About time, duder :) I've listened to all the hotspot ones (multiple times). Can't wait for you to release the other years.

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So far I'm two hours in to the first part. Thank you, it's quite good.

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Part 1 here we go!

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Loved The Hotspot ones. Can't believe I hadn't already subscribed to the RSS. Fixing this obviously glaring omission from my life now. Thanks for this stuff.

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Thanks mate. I've listened to all your gaming podcasts and all your Adam Corolla collections as well. Thanks heaps for your hard work mashing it all up.

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@elektrixx said:

Thanks mate. I've listened to all your gaming podcasts and all your Adam Corolla collections as well. Thanks heaps for your hard work mashing it all up.


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I keep trying to import this into my Podcaster App. It did it once before, now I can't get it to do it again.

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This may sound stupid, but i cant download it from the site. It just streams it. Way around this?

Im using Chrome if that makes any difference

Never mind, got it. Cant wait to listen to it!

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Is there a way of directly downloading this on my iPhone while I'm at work on wifi and instead of streaming it off 3G on my commute or will I need a computer? I still dont really understand rss feeds. Do they even work on iPhone like yet do on iTunes? Thanks these seem great!

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I just found these, and I immensely enjoyed the collection for the Hotspot. Looking forward to hear these!