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I think Ryan's been screening the ndx@bxr.me emails, so I have to make this public.



oh jeff

you've been looking kinda like you're feeling pretty down

but jeff

oh jeff

you can't hide it all from us forever by being a clown

i've seen your jelous eyes

and i've made an educated guess


yes, you may think that your longing sideways glances have always been off-camera

you may not have even noticed how long you spend completely enraptured by the subject of your affection

but i have

and i noticed how you changed when your love was stolen from your fingertips



oh jeff

you've been trying hard to take it all in your stride

but jeff

oh jeff

you can't bury it forever deep inside

he stole your show

now he's stealing rorie too

you have to kill ryan

you have to kill ryan

you have to kill ryan

you have to kill ryan


now, i know you may be worried about ryan hearing this, but you can rest easy

you know as well as i do that ryan hates the beauty that you have created here, so we can talk freely



oh jeff

you have to fight for what is yours and they denounce

and jeff

oh jeff

all you need's a little opportunity to pounce

when he gets the mail

grab your knife

and stab him in the neck


i want you to know that i mean this, jeff

you guys have been like creepy uncles to me, telling me about jokes and culture from before i was born that rightfully i shouldn't know about

and i love you for it

and it sucks, but if one of you has to die for the rest of you to be happy, that's just something that has to be


because jeff

oh jeff

if there's a lesson i can say i've learnt from you it's this


oh jeff

fuck the man

you can make it on your own

he stole your show

now he's stealing rorie too

you have to kill ryan...

ed: fixed link

ed: here's an instrumental version

ed: part two; part three

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Did you sing/make that?


Cause its awesome!

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It came from the heart.

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Great job!! Really funny! What did you use to make it?
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Great job man, can you post the lyrics in a spoiler tab or something? : D

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Really really good.

This is actually amazing.

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Haha, I love how poetically insane you are, very fitting for the "train that stops for no-one!" Good stuff.

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@nivi said:
" I think Ryan's been screening the ndx@bxr.me emails, so I have to make this public. "
Pretty awesome. Really impressive work all around.

The constant reiterating of his name makes me feel a little awkward though... I wonder what it'd be like for him.
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Love the chiptune at the end!

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i am weirded out and astounded at the same time, awesome job.

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Duder, you are insane.

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Oh wow

edit. this song is really good, :D
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I like the almost Pulp-esque spoken word breakdown's, great stuff man.

Oh and fuck ryan.

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Haha, wow this is impressive. Btw, I think this thread may be overlooked because it's in the bombcast board and so it doesn't appear in the "newest topics" section. Well, that's the case for me anyway. 

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This song is a piece of art.

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Ryan has seen this, beware.

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this is amazing

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And with the announcement of the first piece of 3DSWare, there's plenty of fuel to keep the train a-rollin'! 
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Wow, when I opened the file, I just expected something dumb but funny in the usual fan-made appreciative but kind of lazy style.

But that was fantastic.

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lolololol. I kinda hope jeff reads this on the next NDX

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This is fucking great. 

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Oh snap.

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Wow, that was amazing.
Incredibly well produced!
Bravo, sir!

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That came from the soul. I could feel it.

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@Chabbs0:  I think maybe he already had. I am worried that he's going to do something pre-emptive and aggressive, so I wanted to get this out there.
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Weird, awkward, creepy, but also amazing. Well done!

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You should PM/Email this to them. Pretty effing good.

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This song has to be the subject of the next bombcast!

Fuckin pure awesomeness,kind of scary though.

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This is quality. Ryan needs to get out the way of the train or get run over!

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@jadeskye:  I have reason to believe that Ryan is screening the NDX emails.
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This is... awesome, but I want Ryan to live!

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This was great!

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Very awesome. I fear for Ryan's life.

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Well done, sir.

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Holy shit that was great.

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There's nothing more to say than: El-oh-el.

Christ I love this community.
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This is fucking fantastic. My hat's off to you.

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Gotta say, that was really good. Hats off to you Sir!

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Aren't you the same guy who made thatt Deadly Premonition song? If so, you gotta pimp that, too. If not, this is pretty creepy/sexy, but mostly sexy.

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Really good job.  But if I was Jeff I would be a little creep out and a little afraid.  Now if I was Ryan, I would be hiding with a shotgun beside me.

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haha that was awesome. it's definitely up there with your DP life is beautiful remix if not better. great stuff

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awwww. Beautiful.

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The creativity and talent abound in the Giant Bomb community continues to amaze. Nice job!

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I've been walking around whispering to myself "You have to kill Ryan..." since hearing this. That's not healthy, is it?

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Duder, this is some awesome stuff.

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I. must. kill. ryan.

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just wowed and disturbed at the same time

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