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This is for the guy who sent in an email to this week's show (06/03/14) about how he and his boss make special burgers on a weekly basis. I would love to hear and see more of these! The one you described sounded real good! If you see this, please post some pictures of what you come up with and the recipes cause I would love to try them at home.

I guess this can go out to anyone really if they have a special burger recipe they want to share and show off!

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Not really a recipe or anything but it was an ingredient I never thought of having on a hamburger until I saw that my campus had a burger with it. Guacamole on a grilled bun...might be my favorite thing ever. I'm not a big fan of guac in the first place, actually kinda hate it but it compliments a burger so well. Even my favorite burger from lets say Five Guys as an example, part of me wishes I could but guac on it now.

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That guy's email immediately made think of this site: http://pornburger.me (SFW)

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Ostrich burger is very good, you should try it if you haven't. I love Ostrich meat!

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@nightriff: I LOVE guac on a burger. Any time I go somewhere and they have a burger with guac on it, I have to get it. That and a fried egg is the same deal for me.

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@seanbooker: I know and I can't believe I just found out how awesome guac is on a burger. I like a fried egg every now and again, really depends on my mood.

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When I worked as the chef in a sports bar, some nights I would make a half-pound burger and top it with, in this order: grilled shrimp, sharp cheddar, grilled red onion, cremini mushrooms cooked in a port reduction, more cheddar, a few layers of pounded filet, and lettuce on top with tomato under the patty.

It was almost impossible to eat. I'm surprised I didn't weight 300lbs when I quit.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and garlic aioli.

EDIT2: And now that I think on it, it was arugula, not lettuce.

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One of the better "different" burgers I've had recently copied pasted from the menu:

Fraser Valley pork & chorizo, fried egg, bacon, house made roasted jalapeno guacamole, roasted garlic aioli, 5 yr cheddar, butter lettuce, tomato, red onion

Second time I've had chorizo in a burger and I am definitely a fan.

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@starvinggamer: @ichthy: God damn you two, you are making me hungry and I don't even like half the stuff on those burgers. They sound extremely good.

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@ichthy: Those sound awesome

Best burger I've ever had was a surf 'n turf burger: patty topped with asparagus, crab, and bernaise sauce. The asparagus has to be perfectly tender for it to work.

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There's a restaurant here in Toronto called Caplansky's, whose burger is 70% ground beef and 30% Montreal Smoked meat.

And holy smokes is it good...

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@bmccann42: Oh shit I love smoked meat and I've had it on a burger, but never in the patty itself. Gotta try that.

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It's all about blue burgers for me. Blue cheese with anything is amazing, just don't drink orange juice after you eat it... :P

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We need some photos of homemade burgers up in here.

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They were talking about peanut butter / bacon burgers. You can't have this combination without bananas.

Seriously, a burger joint near Montreal serve those. Delicious.