#1 Posted by ILikePopCans (820 posts) -

Hey. Does anyone know what Bombcast (maybe video) it was when Ryan said "sign me the fuck up"

#2 Posted by Baillie (4578 posts) -

Any more context?

#3 Posted by sixghost (1716 posts) -

Remember that episode where Jeff said, "that game looks bad"?

#4 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

Do you have any idea what the context is? I feel like he's said that probably a thousand times. :P

#5 Posted by Harkat (1158 posts) -

I so god damn want the sample of Jeff moaning "It's ah greeatt releassee" in reference to (I think) Otomedius Excellent.

#6 Posted by TopSteer (703 posts) -

I'm pretty sure he's said it multiple times but the only one I can remember is on the quick look for Hollywood Squares. 15:27 minutes in.

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