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How do you explain to your friends and family why you're crying over the death of someone you’ve never met? Why it’s left you depressed all week? Because although I never met Ryan Davis, I feel I knew him better than I know most of my coworkers. Because I’ve spent more time watching and listening to him, than I’ve spent with many of my family and friends. Because every Tuesday, come hell or high-water, he put a smile on my face. Ryan Davis is my hero.

I’ve followed the gang since I used the class computers in college to check Gamespot incessantly. I was horrified at what lead to their departure, and ecstatic to be there watching and listening as Giant Bomb was born. Jeff and Ryan had incredible chemistry from the beginning. My girlfriend would ask what I was laughing at, and I would try to explain that it’s a show about video games and beverages, or maybe beverages and video games... but I guess you either get it or you don’t. Watching Quick Looks while working, reading news and reviews every morning, the hours of entertainment must be in the thousands. Many of the landmark moments in my life have the Bombcast right there along for the ride. Hunting for wifi in Italy so I could download the latest episode, listening to talk of Torchlight 2 as I sat on the beach in Hawaii, laughing along with Ryan and the gang after funerals and in hospital waiting rooms. Tuesdays have been my constant. They still are, and will continue to be. But they will never quite be the same.

Ryan was magnetic. He could be talking about the most mundane thing and keep me on the edge of my seat, wearing a grin. I just can’t imagine a world without him in it. A world without hearing his opinion on the latest storage unit-based reality shows, or incredible new bird feeding technology. After the shock had worn off on Monday, I found myself re downloading all the Bombcasts from the beginning, and you know what? He’s now even helping me through this. Knowing the gut punch his passing has left me with, I cannot begin to comprehend what his friends and family are going through. I just hope it’s some comfort to know what Ryan... what all of Giant Bomb... means to me, and to so many other people. Thank you for being there each and every week. Even this week- it must have been incredibly difficult to go in to that room and record, but I really think it helped the fans to hear from you all, and to hear your memories of him. Thanks Giant Bomb. Thank you for being a fantastic and hilarious part of my life. Can’t wait to see you all again, once you’re ready to make more amazing, dumb, and wonderful internet entertainment.

Thanks, Ryan Davis.