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The reviews all seem good. I thought this line bit was quite funny, for showing it at E3 they really didn't back it much.

As others have stated, Ubisoft doesn't make or support these any more. In fact, it was never mass marketed or released. Apparently it was released only in Texas Toys R Us Stores and through direct sale form their web page. A bad marketing campaign, and lack of any real marketing on the test release, along with a but too high ($199.99) initial MSRP for a two player starter kit caused this toy to flop for Ubisoft.
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It bombed hard at other trade events. They basically threw out the units they had made, and washed their hands of the idea.

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It was on 1saleaday.com a couple weeks ago, and I bought a bundle for $80 (normally something insanely stupid like $300). Haven't tried it yet, but will be doing so on a camping trip in a few weeks. Ubisoft has stopped making and supporting it though.