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Does anyone else want this? When the Brad and Ryan were talking about all the Resident Evil talk that got cut from September 20th's Bombcast, it got me thinking that an uncut Bombcast would be an alternately terrifying and awesome thing. Could it be possible to just upload an uncut Bombcast? Would anyone become a new subscriber for that?

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Stuff is usually cut for a reason, whether it be embargoes or just because it wasn't entertaining/relevant to the show.

They've also expressed how much time a Bombcast takes out of a day and how much money it costs, uploading 2 a week would be super costly.

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I dunno, I think they've been doing it long enough to know what is and isn't interesting so the cut parts I imagine are cut for a good reason.

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Stop it.

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I would have loved an epic 4 hour weekly bombcast back when I had a shit job where listening to it was the only thing that made the workday go by faster. Now that I don't have that, a bombcast that's even longer than the ones they already post would be a huge turnoff.

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@RiotBananas super costly? What are you talking about? Producing podcasts is costly because of the man hours they put in (2,5h*4ppl=10man hours). If they would put an uncut version it would create minimal extra costs because Ryan (or who ever cuts/uploads them) would only have to put the whole, uncut, raw mp3 to server and thats it.

That said I agree with @RiotBananas' first point.
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Please I don't want another fallout from when Ryan and Jeff first suggested that the Bombcast be broken up into member and non member content.

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I don't like this idea, because it wouldn't be convenient for me as getting the main stream on ITunes.

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I want a director's cut and an unrated cut.

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This is the worst idea ever.

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If listening to four guys you don't personally know talk about shit for two and a half hour isn't enough for you, then you need to reevaluate yourself.

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I would love it, LOVE IT, (hey- these long drives to and from college every morning can get boring). Though the non-subscribers would bitch and moan about "HEY THEY SAID THEY'D NEVER SEGMENT THE BOMBCAST FOR SUBSCRIBERS BREAKING PROMISES RAAAAAAAAGE" or something like that, and it'd be nothing but pissing and whining about something totally minor (but hey, what else is new?).

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Oh look, subscribers have the dumbest fuckin' ideas. 
@drhans said:

This is amazing. His face goes from "eh, you know, I don't think," to "OH GOD WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU."
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I literally can only come up with one good reason why you'd want this and that's the lengthy, cut conversation the guys had last week about the history of Resident Evil. That would've been kind of cool to listen to. But really, no.

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I'm sure there's a good reason they cut most of the stuff out. The Bombcast is my favorite podcast but I would like it if it was kept around 90 minutes. I enjoy the longer ones but do enjoy listening to other podcasts.

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It's an alright suggestion, but I think I have to agree with everyone else. I could definitely go for a longer bombcast, but the stuff that's cut out probably isn't worth listening to most of the time.

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@drhans: Morrissey is always appropriate.

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@bartok said:

Please I don't want another fallout from when Ryan and Jeff first suggested that the Bombcast be broken up into member and non member content.

This... Think about how long 4 hours would be... As much as i love the bombast. There are plenty of better things I could do in four hours. The current length is fine i already have to break it up into several sittings anyway and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Sometimes it takes me or three days to get through them cause of my schedule. I don't want it to take 7

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@Napalm said:

Oh look, subscribers have the dumbest fuckin' ideas.

hey man, non subscribers have plenty of terrible ideas too! don't judge

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Everyone chill out. It's not THAT bad of an idea. No need to jump down his throat.

I will say though that cutting that Resident Evil discussion was the worst decision Ryan ever made. No one's shut the hell up about it since.

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@drhans said:

Ah Morrisey. Apt.

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Not a bad idea, but I'm not sure what would be gained from it.

The uncut GOTY podcasts are already fairly dry, I'm sure uncut bombcasts would go similarly.

That being said though, we really don't know what we're missing, so I say go for it and try it out.

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Did anyone watch the Judd Apatow film Funny People?  I thought the first 90 minutes or so were hilarious but at 150 minutes it felt boring, insufferable, and made Judd Apatow seem like an egotistical maniac who had to shine the spotlight on his real life wife and kids.  Imagine how great that film would of been if it had been cut down to 90 to at 100 minutes.   You could of completely cut out the final act with Eric Bana and Apatow's kids and the movie would of flowed so much faster. 
When did editing become demonized?  If Ryan thinks content doesn't fit into the Bombcast then I take his word for it.  It's not like it is some evil Hollywood executives are forcing the edits to fit a certain demographic.

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This suggestion isn't to force everyone to listen to it. If a discussion was embargoed, obviously it would get cut no matter what. However, if someone wants to listen to 30+ minutes of RE4 talk or (mentioned long ago) Vinny talk about old PC equipment, offer that up to subscribers. Not a big deal. You know how sometimes, deleted scenes in movies are deleted for a reason? A small portion of people still want to see them. This is the same way. Don't get mad if you would rather not hear long RE discussion or whatever.

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@Napalm: Alright, you and everyone else think that an uncut bombcast is a bad idea. After thinking about it, I see that you're right. I still really want to hear that Resident Evil conversation.