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Brace yourselves for this:

Ryan Davis will now be on the wrong side of the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. I realized this while listening to the 2008 GOTY Bombcast when the guys were talking about Left 4 Dead.

The world is a lesser place without Ryan Davis in it, but the Zombie Apocalypse will have a new advantage.

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I'd totally let Ryan chomp my brains.

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You and me both!

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This sounds too soon.

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@believer258 said:

This sounds too soon.

Ryan would've made this joke days ago :)

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So this is actually how the apocalypse starts?

Some duders get together to try to bring Ryan back, and they accidentally create a zombie virus that spreads across the globe.

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@believer258: Come on now, we're talking about RYAN DAVIS, not the Pope! :)

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Welp, we're boned.

Unless this is all an elaborate plan to take down the zombies from within...

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This has been a long time coming. Don't you remember?

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Though remembering that podcast I don't think they were even a part of each other's zombie teams. I seem to remember the way everyone talked was like they had other people in mind for each other's zombie teams. Ryan in his own is being Ryan. By going no fuck your zombie team so hard I'm playing for the zombies. Followed by some other witty jokes.

Oh how I'll miss Ryan being a dick on the podcast. Now the Bomb Crew's dynamic will be weird. Vinny seemingly confused or fascinated (or both) by something, Brad talking about something no one else but Brad cares about, and Jeff being lovably sardonic in his own way. Ryan's sense of humor and outgoingness really was the glue to the group.

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We will find a cure.

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