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#101 Posted by RedRoach (1176 posts) -

@gvalo: That's the original intro music back from 2008, still the best iteration of that song.

#102 Posted by project343 (2812 posts) -

Vinny for host! Vinny for host!

#103 Posted by pyromagnestir (4236 posts) -

Vinny is a great <insert anything here>

puppy murderer.

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#105 Posted by BawlZINmotion (714 posts) -

You didn't think Vinny owned it when he hosted the post-Ryan episode? :P

#106 Posted by Irishmarkerhead (38 posts) -

Vinny is not a great host. He's a fantastic host!

#107 Posted by Drebin_893 (2899 posts) -

Man, when the very first theme music kicked in I just couldn't stop smiling. Still the best there's been.

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I prefer Jeff's more relaxed hosting style but its nice to change things up once in a while I suppose.

#109 Posted by Soap (3563 posts) -

I like both styles tbh, the only downside for Vinny is he said the podcast was running long at 2:30:00! That's not long! still another hour to go Vinny!

#110 Posted by afabs515 (1009 posts) -

Let's add this to the list of things Vinny is great at. It's a pretty long list...

#111 Posted by Gatehouse (577 posts) -

I'd love Vinny to become the perminant host, I think it suits Jeff better not having to drive things and improves the podcast as a whole. I mean, no one can replace Ryan, but I'd really like to hear a change up for a little bit.

#112 Edited by TooSweet (377 posts) -

Finally finished listening on my commute this morning. It was so good. The addition of Patrick is something I wouldn't mind once in a while. I miss his input. At least have him come in for the occasional news. The sound quality was decent too on Patrick's end.

#113 Edited by sarahsdad (1078 posts) -

@jazgalaxy said:

I think Vinny tries to put on a show, which is appreciated. Whether it's the Bombcast or the Quicklooks, he's trying to entertain the audience where some of the other people are just talking and don't care if they're being boring. (Or don't even realize they're being boring.)

I'd say it's probably because Vinny is the guy who exports the final product, so he always has "this is content" in mind.

That really hits it on the head. When Jeff hosts, it feels like a bunch of guys sitting around talking, and there just happen to be some mics left on recording whatever happens. With Vinny it feels a lot more like an organized show. He lets them go off the rails a bit (Drew got to talk about dousing clams with everclear, after all), but ropes them back in. I like the structure he gave, that it feels like just isn't Jeff's style.

#114 Edited by axlvandamme (88 posts) -

Make Vinny the permanent host. I know Jeff "outranks" him, but Vinny should take the helm from now on. Loved the sound effects.

#115 Edited by Jellybones (92 posts) -

Jeff definitely brings a more relaxed, matter-of-fact atmosphere to the podcast and live shows, but Vinny brings the enthusiasm and focus that Ryan (RIP) used to bring. It was probably my favorite Bombcast in a long time.

#116 Posted by DonutFever (3549 posts) -


#117 Edited by kablui (45 posts) -

Yes he is. Noticed that every single time he filled a moderating role around here

#118 Posted by chrissedoff (2075 posts) -

I just started listening to the podcast and Vinny is doing an awesome job. Better than Jeff, honestly. Not quite as good as Ryan was but then who is?

#119 Posted by Yummylee (21242 posts) -

I think Vinny excelled as a host because it actually felt like he put more effort into it; given his background in editing, it only makes sense that's he more suited to at the very least piecing it all together. With Jeff as host, the bombcast began to feel even more slapdash than it usually did; there wasn't even a news segment theme or anything like that.

Vinny is of course just such an infectious sort of individual that's easy to like, so him as host and his particular brand of character and personality fits perfectly I think. There's always the possibility that having Vinny as host is made to be special, in-part, specifically because of how rare it is, but I remember thinking similarly to them getting Drew a lot more directly involved in video features and bombcasts, and if anything Drew has only proven to be even more interesting thanks to the increased exposure. I'd like to think with Vinny as host things would be a lot more... unpredictable, and there's an excitement to that.

#120 Edited by michaelferrari (23 posts) -

I loved the added elements we don't usually see. The background music was making me laugh so hard. Also, holy cow, Alexis should be on the podcast more! He was excellent.

But yeah, you can really see Vinny's video production skills carry over to the podcast in regards to audio production.

#121 Posted by seanvail99 (130 posts) -

This was an amazing episode. Vinny brings it as host. I feel like Jeff may be more comfortable jumping in and riffing while Vinny guides the ship.

#122 Posted by Hamst3r (4450 posts) -

More Giant Vinnycast!

#123 Edited by Seedofpower (3925 posts) -

Yes, more Vinny Host.

#124 Posted by GValo (196 posts) -

@redroach: it sounds like a bit of a remix to me. Vinny said on twitter that he didn't know which intro music to use so he "used them all"

#125 Edited by Vuud (1943 posts) -

Well why not just change the name of the fucking site to VBOMB.com?


this is a joke post

#126 Posted by development (2060 posts) -

Ian should host

#127 Posted by Rafaelfc (1313 posts) -

I wish Vinny would become the de facto host.

Not that I dislike Jeff, but I think he acts looser and is usually funnier when not having to perform hosting duties.

#128 Posted by ch3burashka (5004 posts) -

My favorite podcast ever was Talkradar. It had amazing use of background music as well.

@Vinny - if you can hear my voice across time and space, keep it up. As I understand it, it's a fuckload of extra work, but you solely exist to please the GB community, right?

#129 Posted by isomeri (1223 posts) -

Vinny was a great host, a real breath of fresh air. But I don't think that the amount of editing could be continued week after week. I hope that the best parts of Jeff's and Vinny's hosting culminate to a new golden age of Bombcasting.

#130 Posted by KillerFly (396 posts) -

The only reason I can see for Vinny not to host every week is that he's got so much on his plate as it is being video producer. The only people he has to back him up on that are Drew, who is spending more time in front of the camera and on the podcast now (which I love), and Ian, who is clearly still trying to get the hang of things.

#131 Posted by GERALTITUDE (2904 posts) -

duh, of course he is.

I really liked the Patrick Skype. Wish him and Alex would Skype in more often.

And Alexis was great too. He has an excellent podcast voice.

#132 Posted by Shadow (4977 posts) -

He was a fantastic host on the Hotspot for half a year back before GB started. I always wondered why Ryan was doing it instead of him. Maybe now they'll start doing contests again?

#133 Posted by CynicalBuzzard (240 posts) -

Vinny is good.

#134 Posted by devilzrule27 (1239 posts) -

@shadow said:

He was a fantastic host on the Hotspot for half a year back before GB started. I always wondered why Ryan was doing it instead of him. Maybe now they'll start doing contests again?

Well Ryan was here first and was a natural when it came to hosting.

#135 Edited by Siphillis (1290 posts) -

I was honestly disappointed that Vinny didn't take over regular hosting duties. He's simply so much more sociable and lighthearted, whereas Jeff is at his best when he's not pretending to be either sociable or lighthearted. Vinny also seems to enjoy a good conversation the way Ryan did, whereas Jeff is almost always focused on making a point or asserting an (often strong) opinion.

#136 Posted by yakov456 (1899 posts) -

Props to Vinny. That was an extremely fun edition of the BC.

#137 Edited by htiawe (19 posts) -

Jeff is so much more focused on "getting on with it" it seems, not focusing on the discussion but instead moving from point to point.

So what did you do this weekend, what did you play, news and emails. Vinny used the same formula but with Jeff its so much more stale.

#138 Edited by theveej (811 posts) -

Is there a revolution on the horizon? Will Jeff regain his throne as host? Is Jeff secretly funneling money out of Giantbomb to bail out Rick "The Ricker" Peterson out of prison? Will VinCo complete its hostile takeover of CBSi? Will Vinny finish his vin-revolution? Whose side is drew really on? Will emaaaails be ever the same again? For answers to these questions and many more tune into the next installment of the GIANT BOMBCAST!!!!!

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#139 Posted by Wilshere (287 posts) -

The only thing i didn't like was the news segment with Patrick. It was just reciting news headlines and not much else.

#140 Posted by Sammo21 (3211 posts) -

I absolutely loved it. He nailed it as good as anyone.

#141 Edited by skelington_ (292 posts) -

Vinny came in, killed it, and dropped the mic. Now Jeff, the Old Bombardier on the block, sweat beading on his forehead and seeping through the static polyester of his red Adidas tracksuit, has to kneel down in front of a stunned crowd, pick up that spit-drenched mic, and rap like he's never rapped before. Will the old MC regain his crown? Or has V-Bomb taken the hood by storm?


#142 Edited by Aelric (401 posts) -

Vinny is a great fucking everything. It's hard for me to think of a guy that is so charismatic and technically skilled as him. Ryan had charisma and tightness, of the cuff appeal and was great, but Vinny is not just a jack of all trades, he is a master of at least most of them.

Shit, did that sound wrong? That was in no way meant to detract from Ryan's legacy, though. God, that still fucking bums me out. You know what I miss the most. Viney/Ryan repartee.

#143 Posted by fetchfox (1221 posts) -

No discussion there.

#144 Posted by Doskias (302 posts) -

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like having this discussion on the GB forums is like discussing with your spouse which of your kids is your favorite while they're in the room.

Mostly I just want to see what a podcast would be like if Brad hosted. Has that ever happened?

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#146 Posted by hippocrit (236 posts) -

Several people have pointed out that Jeff is more alive when he can riff. When he's not worried about steering he effing hilarious!! Vinny is more natural as host.

Also, Alexis is awesome and should be on more often. I wonder if a rotating 5th seat would be good?

#147 Edited by Brenderous (1097 posts) -

@redroach: I thought it was some kinda mix of a bunch of versions of the intro theme.

#148 Posted by HerbieBug (4212 posts) -

I like the variety. If they wanted to just go around the rotation of everyone and have each host a single week that would be fun. :)

Drew for guest host next time!