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Listening to the voicemail in todays Bombcast, it sounded very familiar. Surprisingly it only took about 20 seconds for me to recognise it as an advertisement from radio in GTA: Vice City!

Here is the ad on Youtube "Think Your Way To Success". If nothing else, I was amused.

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Nice find!

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Shit I knew it sounded familiar.

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I noticed the same thing when I heard it, but couldn't remember what game it was from. Good find on that.

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GTAV sleazy radio guy DLC... confirmed!

@neoring you might wanna edit the thread title to be a bit more descriptive. People might pass this over without realizing your awesome find!

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I was thinking I knew that voice. Maurice Chavez and Pressing Issues is still the high point of GTA talk radio to me.

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Is it sad that I recognized it from the google transcription? I've played a lot of Vice City. It was my first console game.

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This is fantastic. I didn't think he would play the stupid voice mail I left, but I'm happy he did.

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Further evidence that the GTA series remains in subtle ways under appreciated. One of my favorite moments ever on a Bombcast.