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I had my dreams turned into a nightmare thanks to the Horror film discussion on this week's (13th March) Bombcast. Maybe already harking back to Ryan's Disneyland trip and the Secret Restroom I was in some kind of park and turned down a sloping alleyway that led to a door. http://www.secretrestroom.com/

I fell inside and things got weird, dark and scary. I've been awake too long now to remember all the details but I shuddered awake to hear the Horror talk just ending on the Bombcast, which I had running.

Oh yeah I remember a bit earlier in the dream Patrick and Brad were on the panel at Question Time (a political debate programme in the UK) and I was in the audience and happened to spot Vinny. If anything it looked like a PAX panel too.

I'm not the only one to have had odd 'Dreamcasts' am I?

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This is the one Bombcast you should listen to while falling asleep:

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I always fall asleep to the bombcast, never gave me any unpleasantaries.

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I actually have gotten to the point where I'll actually load up a bombast that I've already heard just to fall as asleep.

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I fell asleep listening to that episode where they talk about Vib-Ribbon near the end. Brad (or Patrick, can't remember) plays a song from the game on his phone. That sound woke me up and for some reason it fucking terrified me.

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I fall asleep to the bombcast pretty much every night. The only one that got to me was the bed bug talk.

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Yeah, I've totally been there before. Brad Shoemaker, get out of my dreams and into my car.

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@jawshua said:

I fall asleep to the bombcast pretty much every night. The only one that got to me was the bed bug talk.

Me too suprisingly, when I fall asleep I either have the bombcast, comicvine or tested podcast playing in the background. If not that I'm probably streaming some sort of gb content on my roku.

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I've fallen asleep to the bombcast plenty of times. I'm glad I was awake during the email when they were shouting at that one guy to wake up.

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One time I was listening to the Bombcast while driving and lost control of my car on the ice causing me to veer off directly into a 50 ft. ravine while listening to Jeff talk shit about The Old Republic having only survived due to my car crashing into a tree and stopping the horrible death rally.

Now I will forever associate this near death experience with Jeff Gerstmann and a Star Wars MMO.

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Their voices are just too soothing! But yeah, prepare for heart attacks whenever they get into the red in the volume meters.

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The only thing that falling asleep while listening to the bombcast gives me is just further deterioration of the thin line between my reality and the reality where I'm not a part of the Giant Bomb crew. Usually talking to Vinny in the bus resolves things.

Wait, what?