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I know there has to be someone else who was, unlike the Bombcast's opinion that not a single person asked for it. What was wrong with the poker in the game? How does a game have bad poker mechanics, isn't Texas Hold 'em just Texas Hold 'em? (Not coming from an angry place here, legitimately curious).

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I suck at the poker aspect of the game because I can never remember the card combinations I need to make hands and what hands beat what, but I enjoyed the game for the funny quips. I just hope that they have an online option this time around so that we can play with real people instead of the AI. If you know how to play it's really easy to bluff the AI and kind of cheat your way through once you figure out the routines the AI does to check on when to hold and when to fold. Even a novice like myself was able to win games by picking up on stuff like that from time to time.

As the this game itself, it could be neat but I'm not a fan of all the choices for a cast. I like Brock, GLaDOS, and Ash but I have no interest in the guy from Sam and Max games and Claptrap will get on my nerves as he did in Borderlands. I would like to see them flesh out the game with online, alternate skins for the guys, skins for the decks/table/environments, let all the characters from each game be intermixed, and have DLC every few months that can add a new guy for like $1. I understand how that's not an option given how crazy the permutations on things they say to one another would get, but it would be neat.

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Yeah, I'm excited. Not for the poker aspect, that's just there to make it a game. I'm into wacky shenanigans from a broad range of my favorite characters (and hopefully some exclusive TF2 unlocks).

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The way that a poker game can have bad poker mechanics is with predictable AI.

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"Was"? Still am. I'm not in it for the poker, I'm in it for the banter. The poker is just a plus.

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Well, I've certainly been asking for a sequel. It perhaps contains a cast I didn't necessarily ask for (I will never understand how Claptrap go so popular), but I rather enjoyed the first poker night and I trust Telltale to nail it a second time round.

I suppose the whole 'poker' aspect was just an excuse to get these characters together and see how they might interact, but I thought it played well and it seems to be getting an upgrade in 2, along with an alternate mode of Omaha and... well... more TF2 hats. So sure, I'll pick it up.

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I would be if it had characters I cared about.

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I didn't realize Venture Bros. was so popular that it warranted getting Brock into this game. But it's awesome that I'm wrong.

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Loved the first one but I think the line up for this is a little weak I'd rather have any one from borderlands more than claptrap like mad moxxi or scooter. If written badly I can see ash being anoying but I'm glad to see Brock in a game.

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The way that a poker game can have bad poker mechanics is with predictable AI.

Thanks for answering the question, I guess that makes sense from the time I have spent with the game.

Like some of you guys, I agree that claptrap is way too overrated. He was pretty funny in Borderlands 1, but once he started making appearances on the VGA's and stuff I started to get annoyed with his character.

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Of all the things they could have put their resources towards...

Also why isn't this just dlc? Are the graphics so much better?

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@nictel: It's $5, who gives a shit whether it's DLC or not.

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Part of the dislike or indifference to the first Poker Night was because it was part of the Steam Summer Camp achievement hunt a while back, which in turn was irritating due to an achievement list based almost entirely on luck. Pretty sure most game journalists (especially the Giant Bomb guys) participated and were rubbed the wrong way. Play enough and you start hearing repeated comments and that's death in something like this.

Also, you start getting to the point of just wanting to beat the system and get it over with, and once you get to that point, it's very easy to see the failings of an AI you methodically prod until you've got it figured out.

I appreciated it for what it was, but it's kind of like having a one night stand show up unexpectedly for a second date, it's just kind of awkward.