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In a recent podcast Jeff mentioned a website that he was using to help him select a TV, after he broke his.
Can anyone recall what that website was?

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It's a great site. I have bought several things based on their recommendations from my TV, to computer parts, to my vacuum and electric razor, and I have been very satisfied with all of my purchases.

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Hmm, thanks. Need a new TV...now that I can actually afford to buy one.

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Definitely a good site to check out before making a tech purchase.

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According to Tested and the Wirecutter you want the Panasonic ST60


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I bought some of the monoprice headphones they recommended on there, Didn't care for them much but they were only £5

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Holllly shit, I found this site what must be at least 2 years ago now and lost it shortly after that. I must have searched for it like once every couple of months since then trying to find it again. This is kind of a white whale for me! Like finally pulling that splinter out of the back of your mind!!!