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So there was a poll already about this that I made yesterday, but that thread bugged out and now no longer exists. But the question still stands, whah or bah?

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wah and sometimes bwah. What happened to the other post?

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It's Bah you can hear the 'Buh' sound at the beginning.

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It sounds more like a hybrid if bah and wah; bwah.

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Hardest poll ever.

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@RazielCuts: You can also here the Whah sound too if you go into it thinking its whah, go into it thinking mah and see what happens.

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I like the one when you play all three of them at the same time. Re~~mix!

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In the Wii U track it sometimes sounds like "Bwah", sometimes "Whah". In the other two however, it's clearly consistently "Whah".

Saw the poll results. You people are crazy. At one point it even sounds like they are just saying "Hah-Haaah" in the New Super Mario Bros. 2 track.

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How can a word be both things.

This makes no sense.

It's bah.

It's wah.

At the same time.

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Bra Brah

It's hard to separate the bass note from the "vocals". But if there was no bass i think it would be a decisive Whah

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im going with whah, because thats the noise i make in my head when im humming along

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The biggest problem here is the continued misspelling of "wah" as "whah".

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@49th said:

How can a word be both things.

This makes no sense.

It's bah.

It's wah.

At the same time.

Indeed, it's a combination of the two sounds! It's gotta be.

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It's "wah" that sounds like "bah" because of shitty audio compression. That's how I see it.

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@Kerned: Whaht are you talkhing abhout?

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It's Wop. Mario is actually a butt of a joke to the Japanese audience.

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Definitely Bah. I could see someone arguing "Bwah", but it definitely is not "Whah"

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Whah is what it sounds like to me.

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I have no idea what you are talking about; it's clearly either Wop or Ah.

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What? It's obviously "pop pop". Listen to it again.

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A + humbug = my vote.

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BTW, do you guys think nintendo has the license to the B/Wah sound? I think I'm gonna use it on some stuff. Or should I call nintendo and ask them "Hey can I use your b/wah sound?"