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This topic has created a lot of controversy lately so I thought I see what you guys think about it. 
Is second hand podcast selling harming the industry?
I agree with Ryan Davis of Giantbomb, and I don't see why we shouldn't be able to re-sell digital products in the same way that we re-sell cars. As he said, it's a consumer rights issue. People may claim that when I trade my podcasts in I'm stopping the content makers from making money, but I fund my podcasting habit by trading in the podcasts that I've already listened to. If I weren't able to trade in podcasts then I would be able to buy as many new.
What do you think of the controversial PodStop stores, is it right that they're selling the Bombcast for $4 dollars when it's only a dollar more new? Should some of that money go back to Whiskey Media?
And what do you think of all of the DRM that is being used to try and prevent people from re-selling their podcasts, is it justified or over kill that only harms legitimate podcast buyers? I can see why they do it, but if I were do get my podcasts from sites like Pirate Bay I know that it wouldn't have any of the DRM.

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I see what you did there...

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I love used podcast stores. Too bad Wal-Mart run them out of business

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@TheBlindChessman:   Pathetic.
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I believe if you pay 50$ for a yearly subscription to the giantbombcast that translates to good value keeping in mind its 2 hours each week.

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Honeslty, the thought of thebombcast being broken up , and me hearing 1 hour of current content, and 1 hour of 1 week old news, or just being behind an entire week is just nuts... 
I figured 5 bucks a month was totally worth it. 
They make my commutes so much more enjoyable for sure...