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I've been searching for it for ages now, and I can't find it at all. I guess I must have missed it. I wanted to get my friend to listen to it tomorrow, so can anyone help me out please? 
Also, I've already searched for other topics on this subject and I still could not find it. 

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I remember that.  It was glorious.

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@Newjack: You sir, are a hero! Thank you thank you!
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No problem!

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@Blueman said:
" Cunt. "
What about it?
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"What, did I go too far?"
Love the way he says that haha.

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Any you cunts want a drink?

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You can say cunt on giantbomb. Watch this. Cunt. Cunty cunty cunt. CUNT.

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@Tylea002 said:
" Any you cunts want a drink? "
It's like I'm really at a pub.
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That's a cunting great bombcast.

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It's so funny you should ask that question because I was just listening to it this morning!  I'm doing a little catching up on podcasts and I absolutely loved it when I heard Vinny say this!  The podcast was the December 8, 2009 during News of the World.  Unfortunately I do not know the exact time of the iteration of the word.  Enjoy!

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@Chuggsy said:
" "What, did I go too far?"  Love the way he says that haha. "
Yea, then Jeff says "Wooaah! You're married, I've got to try and pick up single female listeners to this podcast"