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I have been listening to this podcast for a few years now and still enjoy it, but i cannot help but get the feeling that these have recently been absolutely drenched in apathy. There are so many long pauses after discussions ending with "I dunno" or "whatever" (to be fair I AM paraphrasing but you get the idea). It just seems like they dont care about games anymore. Not to mention they seem to have a lot of misinformation about games, which is kind of not cool considering their site revolves around them. Not hating, just wondering what can get these guys excited about games again.

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This gets Jeff excited

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A new generation of consoles, Seriously the current generation of consoles has been around for 8 years at this point. It's at the point where there is little to no  changes being made to the way games are designed. There isn't anything to get excited about anymore. 

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@Bocam: What the sweet ever-loving fuck is that game?

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@dennisthemennis: Gal-Gun. You can see their panties.

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I totally understand Mr. Pepper, and I agree. I made a thread discussing this very thing a month ago. Lately it seems like they just don't give a shit, and there has been a serious lack of content. And that whole their haven't been any games released excuse is bullshit. What happened to the Giant Bomb that would pick up a random game from the bargain bin at Best Buy and make a hilarious quick look out of it?

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Lately it really seems like they just don't care. We could be totally, but from the outside looking in, that is what it looks like.

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They all seemed pretty jazzed about the Walking Dead games.

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After being a long time Bombcast listener I recently have just stopped, I just wasn't interested anymore and have slowly stopped playing as much games. I think were in need of a new batch of consoles.

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40 cents.

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They usually get excited about Indie games and small, downloadables that try to do something different. The problem is, as has been said before, a lot of the big release "Triple A" games are limited by the current console generation. We're just not seeing the graphical/AI/physics leaps we were seeing earlier in the generation. A lot of games, whilst in a vacuum might be fantastic, just feel a little stale when you compare them to similar ones. The bombsquad play everything, as a result a lot of stuff is "meh".

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I don't know I think it's probably just a long summer period without too many games coming out. I mean, from this year, just off the top of my head, I know the staff really seemed to enjoy Diablo 3, Trials Evolution, Journey, Spelunky, Dust, The Walking Dead episodes, Brad seems pumped about Mark of the Ninja, Jeff seems super excited about Borderlands 2, Vinny has been on top of a lot of adventure games...There just haven't been a ton of big releases lately, and a good chunk of the ones that their have been have received pretty mixed reactions (for legitimate reasons, not just because the stuff is "negative" or something.)

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I have to agree. For the most part they seem to be pretty apathetic. Not just about games, but about the site as well.

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Who gives a shit about giving shits?

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This is bullshit. Ok, I get how one could interpret their reactions as "apathetic," but these people are completely devoted to their work and their industry in a way that is rare these days. I think, like hangedtoaster said, that it's merely a sign of their readiness for a new generation of consoles. When games come along that are doing innovative things, they'll have really energetic conversations about it (The Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Rock Band: Blitz). Hell, even totally derivative games like Darksiders II and Sleeping Dogs get great reactions from the guys. I think you're letting the moments where they appear cynical or apathetic overshadow the moments where they genuinely get excited about new video games (which happens a lot more often than you're making it out to be).

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Uh, The Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja, Dust and much more. Just give them good games and they'll be happy.

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Going back through some of the older TNT's, I know ONE thing that excites the gang...

T R U U U U U U U C K S ! ! !

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new stuff. These duders play an insane amount of games probably quite a bit more than anybody here (With a few exceptions). It's gotta all look the same after awhile.

the other x factor is they still seem to have considerable uncertainty about what their work life is going to be in the new digs. That shouldn't matter but I bet it does. Hard to enjoy stuff when you are stressed.

I'm hoping new consoles + site relaunch will bring back the love.

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These guys get excited about all kinds of games. They just don't happen to be the same games you get excited about I guess?

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I feel the same way that they do. This generation has gone on far too long and things just feel stale as all fuck. I haven't been excited to play games all year with very few exceptions. Good games now feel like average games, because everyone has had so long to iterate and perfect their process that even well-made stuff feels boring. It feels like (some of) the guys haven't been putting two give a fucks into stuff lately and that's a totally different thing, but I can totally understand not getting hyped for the cavalcade of bland shit this year has offered up.

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@Phatmac said:

Uh, The Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja, Dust and much more. Just give them good games and they'll be happy.

"Yeah...well...uh...like, besides those."