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#1 Posted by mordukai (7185 posts) -

Origami. I love Origami. It's the most relaxing hobby I ever had.

#2 Posted by leeto (135 posts) -

I listen to the Bombcast while I'm working out at the gym. Sometimes it's hard when I'm on the treadmill and they say something funny. I have to control my laughter so I don't fall off. If it doesn't finish during my workout I usually continue it the next time I'm walking the mall or something.

#3 Posted by Brundage (387 posts) -

play games.

#4 Posted by buzz_clik (7024 posts) -

Work, catch a tram, play games, fall asleep.

#5 Posted by Isaiah (174 posts) -

I listen at work, keeps me laughing when delivering dme to the sick and dying.

#6 Posted by Orbi (100 posts) -

I usually try and play games that don't require too much thinking or text (makes it hard to concentrate to their voices when I'm reading). Burnout Paradise is very good for that, as is stuff like Geometry Wars and a couple of other things. I used to put in on my MP3 player and just listen to it while in bed, but I usually fell asleep in the middle of it (Brad's soothing voice is too much!).

#7 Posted by Reetesh (191 posts) -

Yesterday... I slept. I guess it was the ultra clear voices that they get using those super lolipop mic of theirs.

I was trying to relax as I listened to it..and it turned out to be.... quite relaxing!

#8 Posted by iAmJohn (6134 posts) -

Use the Neti Pot.

#9 Posted by Systech (4078 posts) -

Work outside, working out, work work work.

#10 Posted by Kojacked (18 posts) -

At the moment, go through a clear save of Resident Evil 5

#11 Posted by clovy (172 posts) -

well today i was listening to the bombcast while playing Persona 3: FES

#12 Posted by demonbear (1877 posts) -

I like to listen to podcasts while playing WoW.

#13 Posted by fugie7 (1109 posts) -

well today while listening to podcast i played  infamous

#14 Posted by Agnogenic_delete (1034 posts) -
@demonbear said:
" I like to listen to podcasts while playing WoW. "
I used to do that when I played WoW. I play sheet music on the piano when I'm listening to the bombcast.
#15 Posted by DrRandle (1206 posts) -

I listen to it while delivering pizza's for Pizza Hut. I hate my job...

#16 Posted by Linkyshinks (9880 posts) -

Pancakes and booze, and energy drinks.

#17 Posted by angybangy (43 posts) -

nothing. i find it too hard to concentrate on it if im doing something else

#18 Posted by Grimace (376 posts) -

I laugh.

#19 Posted by Rhyno (69 posts) -
@Brundage said:
" play games. "

#20 Posted by Demo (263 posts) -

I play games or relax at the café or have a walk.

#21 Posted by mordukai (7185 posts) -
@DrRandle: I had worse jobs...believe me. 
#22 Posted by ShadowKiller (894 posts) -

I usually listen to it while I'm lied down and it takes about 5 nights just to get through one podcast.

#23 Posted by MKHavoc (1307 posts) -

Nothing really.  Most of the time I listen to them while I'm lying in bed.  Other times I'll listen while on the train, or if I'm at my computer I'll play a flash game that doesn't require much thinking.

#24 Posted by MeierTheRed (4941 posts) -

I usually play a game, cruise the web and drink a ton of coffee.

#25 Posted by Ineedaname (4319 posts) -

Masturbate to the soothing sounds of Brad.

No but really normally play a game, on occasion I've listened to it whilst just going to sleep. Takes me a while to actually get to sleep so it works well.

#26 Posted by Jambones (1696 posts) -
@Mordukai: That is awesome, Mordukai. I might have to start doing origami myself. I can make a crane and my daughter loves that. She'd do back flips if I could make frogs, etc.

As for what I do during Bombcast, I usually play a mindless FPS, or edit wikis. I am not blessed with the ability to multitask :-(
#27 Posted by magpie4life (15 posts) -

I listen to them when I surf the net and also when I play Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on the ps3.

#28 Posted by SnakeSDR (64 posts) -

Burnout Paradise is a good game to play while listening to bombcast, also while I was getting my blast shards in inFamous. But usually its while im surfing game sites or when im going to bed.

#29 Posted by Osaladin (2543 posts) -

Drive, do some work, browse around on some sites I frequent.

#30 Posted by CitizenKane (10508 posts) -

I usually lie down on my leather couch, which is one of the best feelings in the world.

#31 Posted by c_rakestraw (854 posts) -

I usually browse the sites I visit (those being Giant Bomb, and GameSpot) while listening to it. That or just sit back and enjoy.

#32 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -

I am either (A) Driving, or (B) Playing a game.

#33 Edited by Inf225 (503 posts) -

usually im going to or from work... i have a 1 and a half hour commute everyday so yea... the bombcast is my lifeforce...

#34 Posted by Akeldama (4257 posts) -
@fugie7 said:
" well today while listening to podcast i played  infamous "
#35 Posted by Dirty_Harry (717 posts) -

Fifa 07

#36 Posted by C2C (859 posts) -
usually I grind in an rpg or do something else equally mindless.  It's rare that I do nothing while listening to the bombcast (its happened before though).
#37 Posted by Venatio (4493 posts) -

Depends on where I am, at home I play videogames while listening, if Im at school then I listen to it there

#38 Posted by MattyFTM (14431 posts) -

I sleep. Well, I lie in bed trying to get to sleep.

#39 Posted by robbyk86 (1 posts) -

i listen to it whilst im at work, and yesterday whilst i was sitting at my desk on my lunch break, just as i bring my soup spoon to my lips, Vinny cracks a joke and i spray Mulligatawny soup all over my works keyboard and moniter! Cheers mate!

#40 Posted by Videogames (257 posts) -

I think I was frustratingly trying to gold challenges in prototype. Very appropriate for this bomb cast as well.

#41 Posted by Gearhead (2251 posts) -

Take all my clothes off, sit out side, and let the breeze go between my legs.

#42 Posted by Pie (7110 posts) -

Id rather not say....

#43 Posted by mordukai (7185 posts) -
@Pie said:
" Id rather not say.... "
Eat Pies?!
#44 Posted by Pie (7110 posts) -
@Mordukai said:
@Pie said:
" Id rather not say.... "
Eat Pies?!
#45 Posted by Pyso (19 posts) -

Usually either on the way to/from work or while grinding it out on WoW.

#46 Posted by natetodamax (19219 posts) -

I sleep.

#47 Posted by keyhunter (3207 posts) -

I stroke it to the east, I stroke it to the west, I stroke it to the woman that I love the best.

#48 Posted by Mikemcn (7018 posts) -

Today i painted a door while listening to it, i do projects around the house because listening to the bombcast makes work much easier lol

#49 Posted by lemon360 (1102 posts) -

play cod4

#50 Posted by Rhaknar (5939 posts) -

usually i browse the web, but lately ive been listening to them while i play, last 2 games i played were infamous and prototype, and outside the cut scenes, you dont have to pay much atention to the audio, and it helps while looking for blast shards or web of intrigue dudes :D