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Personaly, whenever the bombcast hits on Tuesdays, I download it on my Ipod (usualy through the RSS feed because the itunes version isnt usualy up until later on or the next day) and I listen to it while doing my excercise. I walk 10 laps around the park (which takes me about a hour, so I have plenty of Bombcast left usualy afterwards) then later that day I walk the dog 6 laps around the park (which takes me about 30 minutes or whatever), that total being about 5 miles a day of walking and usualy im doing that while still listening to the podcast.   
So Jeff, Brad, Vinny and Ryan are actualy benefiting my health in a way. So good on them.
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Either listen to it while relaxing in bed. Or listen to it Wednesday on the way to school.

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I typically play a game of civ rev or something of similar length whilst listening. Generally if i time it right, the game will end just as the bombcast does. 
Of course if the bombcast decides to go into overtime, then i listen to the end of it whilst walking to supermarket or something equally dull and boring.

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Usually listen to it a day later, while either reading a book or working on my own.
And stop working when the talk gets interesting or funny, can't concentrate with these guys being funny! xD

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raiding in world of warcraft.

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Trying to go to sleep, if I don't make it through I might listen to the remainder if I'm doing some work or driving. 
Also @TaliciaDragonsong: how the hell can you read and listen? I can't split my attention for the life of me but that just seems impossible.

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lol, I remember listening to it at my work at target one time and busting out laughing while I was doing inventory work. manager got mad and said I cant listen to Ipod anymore.  
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Working. Usually i sit by a computer, scan stuff or sort all sorts of papers so i have plenty of time. 
Then theres the screened and tested podcast aswell.

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Exactly, I can't concentrate when Ryan starts "Uh uh uh"ing xD
Also why I don't listen anywhere public anymore, I'm enough of a fool already without the bombcast adding up!
 We women got this thing called multitasking...^^
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Usually I listen in bed.
I get too distracted if I'm listening while doing anything else.

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More like what don't I do while listening to the bombcast

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I listen to it while playing a game, I've gotten to where I always turn on the Bombcast while playing games.
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Usually play a game that takes minimal attention and doesn't need the sound. Borderlands worked amazingly until i had done nearly everything in it. Been listening while playing halo 3 recently but that takes my attention away too often, need to find a new game to bombcast to.

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I usually listen while I surf the net. Though lately I'll listen while I'm on Starcraft 2's map editor. 

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I listen while playing a game with no heavy story bits so when i jump in a game of demons souls ,  modern warfare 2 or 3d dot game heroes. Also if i have a  long drive to a friends house i will pop it on to listen on the way.
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I sit back in my chair and focus on it.

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Well.. I sit back in my chair and ummm... have one hand down my... eeeehh ..   No honestly, I listen to the podcast while I am working in the office. I'm mostly working with spread sheets so doing numbers while listening to the crew is pure bliss. :D

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When I listen I'm usually out bike riding. Every Tuesday night.

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Usually before I sleep, if not the next evening during dinner.

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Playing SC2 TD maps. Do it for most podcasts actually as its easier to hold my attention. Unless there are air units, fuck air units.

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I download it the following day because I am at work when they unleash it upon us. I usually then listen to the bombcast on my way to work and back. Yup, long commute but I look forward to every Wednesday because the crew makes it so much more fun to laugh while I drive.

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I'm either lying in bed about to sleep or exercising while I listen to the bombcast. I can't really do anything else while I listen because I eventually tune it out and miss out on parts of it. I stopped listening to it while I'm out doing stuff because shits way too funny and I just get funny looks from people. I remember I took my mom to the hospital awhile ago and I was just sitting in the waiting room laughing to myself in a corner lol.

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Nowadays I always play The Show while listening to the bombcast.

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Living in Denmark, i don't get it untill wednesday my time, and i usually listen to it while working. Too bad it's only 2 hours!

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play games and browse the web and eat burritos and other unhealthyness

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I never listen to the bombcast on Tuesdays as it is never out on Tuesdays. 
When I do listen I either draw some crap, play a game that doesn't require any reading or listening (or at least doesn't for several large chunks of it) or I take a walk. 
Example of non-podcast compatible game: Phoenix Wright
Example of podcast compatible game: Assassin's Creed 2.

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If I have to take a trip anywhere I save them but normally after I get home on a Tuesday night I download it and listen to it while i go to sleep.

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It accompanies my commute. I always listen to it on my way somewhere.

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I usually sit down to relax but now I'm trying to listen to it on a walk or bike ride. 

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I usually play video games, though never narrative intensive ones. A racing game, a mindless shooter (WET and The Club are good candidates), maybe some Peggle or other XBLA games.

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usually play a sports or racing game or something

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Run around some game, usually Morrowind

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Working out. One of the only podcasts that doesn't get "boring" (for working out) after a while. Otherwise, like the other podcasts, I'll just walk around my house listening to it. Especially while doing chores.

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Either while i'm trying to sleep or long driving sessions. Can sometimes take over a week to get through one podcast.
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@RockmanBionics said:

play a game that doesn't require any reading or listening (or at least doesn't for several large chunks of it) or I take a walk. 
Example of non-podcast compatible game: Phoenix Wright
Example of podcast compatible game: Assassin's Creed 2. "
Exactly. I usually go for some kind of puzzle game. Some variant of mahjong-solitaire, puzzle quest, peggle.. something like that.
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Mine's usually when I go driving somewhere or when I go jogging.

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I sit back, relax and let myself go.

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I drive to New Hampshire often during the week, it's about a 2 hour drive from where I live so it's a pretty good fit for travel

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Ignore people on the subway

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Play sports game, most Fifa 11. I love fifa :( LOVE.

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Driving. Takes me a couple of days to finish it though.

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I listen while working, because I work... and stuff.

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Exercise, Cleaning.

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Browse the web.

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Working at my job.  I'm generally alone in my cubicle so I just listen to it once through and then again if I can find the time between other podcasts then go home.  My life sucks.

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Being all ironically post-modern- Im usually gaming. Handy if they discuss the game Im playing but typically I play something non-important or at least not story heavy. I listen to all my podcasts in this way actually, dunno why, kinda become an addictive multi tasking obsession of mine.

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Either on the way to uni or in the background of some Starcraft II multi

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I usually jerk off to jeff.

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at work while playing something like sc2, dragon age etc. getting paid while listening to the pcast and playing games. as good as it gets :)
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Sit back, stare at my desktop wallpaper and fiddle with my headphone cords.