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Work, commute.

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I always listen to the Bombcast on my long runs. I'm training for a marathon in the spring, we'll see if I actually go through with this! This show is great to listen to while working out, it takes your mind off the monotony that can be running. The length of the show is usually the amount of time that my long training runs are, so it works out great! I'm also a busy student, during the school year I don't really have that much time to browse for gaming news. The Bombcast is awesome because I get news, entertainment, and exercise!

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Damn all of you who listen to the bombcast while doing something healthy and sports-related for making me feel like a slob because I spend those hours on my videogames machine.

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@Raven_Sword said:
" Personaly, whenever the bombcast hits on Tuesdays, I download it on my Ipod (usualy through the RSS feed because the itunes version isnt usualy up until later on or the next day) and I listen to it while doing my excercise. I walk 10 laps around the park (which takes me about a hour, so I have plenty of Bombcast left usualy afterwards) then later that day I walk the dog 6 laps around the park (which takes me about 30 minutes or whatever), that total being about 5 miles a day of walking and usualy im doing that while still listening to the podcast.    So Jeff, Brad, Vinny and Ryan are actualy benefiting my health in a way. So good on them. "
I do almost the same, except I jump around on my trampoline while listening to the bombcast. The thing is if my neighbors see my laughing while jumping on a trampoline they probably think I'm crazy... :D
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Go to bed and see how far I can get through it without falling asleep.

Time differences suck like that.

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Usually wait for kids/wife to fall asleep then I have some bombcast me time under the sheets.

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I'm usually laying on the couch or in bed doing nothing but listening to the podcast because if I multi-task everything they say will go over my head.

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Going to the gym.
Man, I hate trying to keep a straight face though. Sometimes I just have to stop and just listen to my own music, just cause I'll probably burst out laughing.

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I play Forza 3. They are helping me on my own little endurance run to gold all the races, 2 hours at a time. I'm so close. 96% completed!

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I listen to them while I drive for work.

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Sometimes I'll just sit at my desk and listen. Sometimes I'll play non-intensive games like Mahjong, Peggle, Puzzle Quest, etc. Sometimes I'll browse the forums.

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browse the web/forums, check facebook, play some in-browser flash games, like AQworlds

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I usually play video games.

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It works out really nicely I just listen to it when I'm walking to and from classes. Its a big campus so I get a lot of time in. The only downside is during the summer I didn't listen to it once this will quickly turn around though as I'm heading back.

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play Halo on mute, walk around the neighborhood depending.

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I play Trackmania Nations Forever.

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Some sort of mindless multiplayer shooter. Sometimes I fold laundry.

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@Raven_Sword: Like most people probably do, I play vidja games. Or dick around on the internet. Or if its a long cast, and Im done gaming, Ill knock out to the rest of the cast.
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I listen to it before bed. I usaly fall asleep about an hour in which leads to  deja vu  moments when i try to listen to it again to catch what i missed

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Yeah, I don't listen to it on Tuesday. Will basically download Wednesday afternoon most weeks (since I'm in Australia and it doesn't get uploaded earlier) then it'll last me for the rest of the week during my daily bus trip to Uni. Used to just sit and listen to it in one hit on a Wednesday while working on computer stuffs though.

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Play video games like Minecraft.

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I either play FIFA--since it's the only game I feel comfortable playing while ignoring the audio and that allows me to focus on both the gameplay and the Bombcast--or go running/working out in the gym. I don't like doing it during other activities, because I always fearing missing some parts of the Bombcast. I used to lay in bed listening to it, but I found I kept falling asleep after a while and missing some portion of, which forced me to try and find the part where I left off. Therefore, I only listen to music in bed anymore.

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During the school year I listen on my commute. Lately I've been listening to the Bombcast during walks, or during MW2 sessions.

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I browse the forums.

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i listen to it in bed while i fall a sleep, i have a sound a sleep pillow which has a speaker in it, which means i don't get tangled up in wires, it pretty cool you should check it out if you listen while in bed.
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i usually cook while listening to a fresh ass bombcast

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I might listen in the car going to work on Wednesday, but usually I pump it through the Xbox on Tuesday night. I have a few "Podcast games" like Puzzle Quest, Forza, Castle Crashers, and Geometry Wars, and it's a good way to get the Bombcast and some gaming at the same ime.

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I usually don't listen to them until Wednesday when I am out delivering pizzas. Now that I have an hour commute each way to my college classes three times a week I think I am going to need to find some more amazing podcasts. Any suggestions? I already listen to all the Whiskey Media ones except the anime one.

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Did anyone say fap yet?

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Play fake golf.

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It's my Wednesday commute listening.  And often a little of Thursday's too. 

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I usually listen to part of it in bed one day, then the other part the next day.

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I listen to it at work.  My coworkers used to think there was something wrong with me but now if anyone else asks me what is so funny, they answer for me: "Podcasts." :D

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Listen to it the next day since it's usually around 2am when it comes up for me.

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While im in my truck delivering food for work off my ipod and sometimes off my phone

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Usually whenever I'm on transit and I have my headphones. The bombcast has many a time gotten me stares as I stifle laughs.

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Farming or PvP in Guild Wars

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I wait it out until the weekend and then usually do all of my yardwork while listening.  It really makes the time fly by.

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Im either on Fifa, Football Manager or ill through on some dumb flash game.

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Usually, I'll kill the sound from my 360 and play geometry wars 2.

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I always listen to it whilst jogging and the gym.

#93 Posted by Wunder_ (1201 posts) -

Farm/Level an alt in WoW.

#94 Posted by Joker369 (923 posts) -

when exercising or when playing any pc game

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I listen to it while working hard to make games you love better.
#96 Posted by Wolverine (4572 posts) -

I listen to the podcast as I drive to school or as I do mundane tasks such as doing the dishes or cleaning my bedroom.

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I usually listen to it Wednesday at work, as I do with all my podcasts various days of the week.

#98 Posted by max3000 (414 posts) -

Usually at work. It makes the time pass way more pleasantly so I could stop looking at the clock every minute.

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Driving to school and such