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Laundry, y'all. Any leftovers get consumed throughout the week walking to classes and stuff.

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I listen to it while driving. The giantbombcast is a godsend in traffic.

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usually I'm at work listening to it.

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Most often I build wireframes (software prototype, nothing to do with chicken wire)

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I listen to music while listening to the Bombcast. It makes it incredibly difficult to focus on either.

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dishwashing,doing laundry or playing a game that requires no sound..

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Either play some sort of grind-heavy RPG that doesn't need noise like Borderlands or WoW, or I listen to it while out and about on the Wednesday. Depends on when it goes up.

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Surf the web, eat something, or lie down.

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play halo/starcraft/latest MP game I'm playing, at school during my free period while doing hw, while doing math hw, when about my house. Depends on what I need to get done and if I'm playing any single-player game. Currently replaying ME2, this time as a Renegade soldier (1st time as paragon infiltrator)

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i'll play something that i'm not playing for story, so i could keep the sound down.  maybe some Reach or Starcraft 2