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In honor of the discussion during last week's Bombcast, I ask you guys: If the gods descended upon you and bestowed you an all-expenses paid, pristine Neo-Geo Arcade Cabinet that showcases up to 4 of your favorite SNK games, what games would you choose?
This is an easy decision for me. Garou: Mark of the Wolves is the best 2D fighter not made by Capcom (IMO), so that has to be on there. Although I love (some) King of Fighters games, I would pick SamSho 2 over KoF '98 in my dream cabinet. 
My favorite Metal Slug is the third one (just barely beating out X) so that one would be my third choice. My final choice is the extremely underrated  Baseball Stars 2- my favorite arcade baseball game. If you haven't played it yet...go get yourself a copy of SNK Arcade Classics and relish in the ridiculousness of it all. I know that a lot of people have love for the futuristic follow-up Super Baseball 2020, but Stars 2 beats it in my opinion.

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Garou Mow,Metal Slug X( ive beaten this atleast 30 times), Waku Waku 7,and Samurai Shodown 2.

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Damn my post got sucked into the vortex!  And then nuked to hell!
I'm not writing everything again so I'm only mentioning the games this time.
Last Blade 2.
Twinkle Star Sprites.
Metal Slug 3.
Magical Drop 3.

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  1. Garou Mark of the wolves  
  2. Metal Slug 3
  3. Samurai Showdown  2
  4. Fatal Furry Special 
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1. Metal Slug

2. Metal Slug X

3. Metal Slug 3

4. KoF '98

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I like the idea of having a cab exclusively for KOF, Mark of the Worves or Metal Slug, but so many of those games are available everywhere nowadays. How about some King of the Monsters? Anyone remember those games? Or just throw some World Heroes 2 in there. Those were the games that were at my local laundromat growing up.

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I guess I'll join into this resurrected thread:
1. Magical Drop 3
2. Metal Slug
3. Pochi and Nyaa (just to be different, and because I love me some Compile, and because this was one of the more recent NG games I've picked up)
4. Last Blade 2
And speaking of dodgy, I'd probably remove the 4-Slot motherboard out the cabinet and put in something smaller and less finicky.

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1. Garou

2. KOF '98

3. Metal Slug

4. Pulstar

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Metal Slug 3

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Kof 98, metal slug 3, mark of the wolves. Can i put in kof 13 cause its made by snk?