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H. Drunk Leigh Alexander saga
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Snide or Die!

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Where is helicopter talk and the NVG bet?

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I liked the 15 seconds where Brad brought up a comment I'd made on a video and then chuckled about it. Not sure what to name that saga, though. 
Also this is a complete mockery of the definition of the word 'saga'. 

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Can you post the definition of each of these sagas? I really don't know exactly what they're referring to, and I've listened since the very beginning.

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Almost as many sagas as in a DBZ fighting game.

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@MistaSparkle said:
" Almost as many sagas as in a DBZ fighting game. "

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If somebody could edit together the content relating to these "sagas," that'd be super awesome. Sure, Nintendownload Saga is still in motion, but w/e.

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I really think the episodes they recorded on planet Namek perfectly encapsulated the whole feel of the series.

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I like the episodes that they did on the moon. Remember when Robo-Brad started malfunctioning and went on that killing spree?
Good times.

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I voted for Brad and Vinny Sage cause I like that one time that Brad and Vinny'd.

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@Rayfield said:
" H. Drunk Leigh Alexander saga "
He asked for your favorite saga, not the one most likely to drive you to commit murder.