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I want to know because I live in the UK, and was wondering how late I would have to stay up til' to watch it. If it's a ridiculous time in the morning (over here), I'll just watch it some time tomorrow.

So yeah, please tell me what time it is normally up in the US, and I'll work out the rest :)


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it's usually up sometime between 6 and 11 pacific time

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Since I'm eastern coast US, usually late night.

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I'm in the UK too, and no matter how late I stay up on Tuesdays, it's never late enough.

Get it tomorrow.

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It goes up usually at about 5am Wednesday morning, give or take.

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ahh im in australia and im finally off school on a wednesday which means giantbombcast WOOOOOO.

im lucky here it usually goes up between 12pm and 3pm for me wednesday of course