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After this new 3 hour bombcast I'm now addicted to the longer format. So what do you think it would take for the bomb guys to make it permanently 3 hours? I would be willing to actually subscribe if I could get 3 hour bombcasts, and make Ryan shave.

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Three hours a week?!  Are you crazy?  They're already working their fingers to the bone as it is, sitting and talking about video games for two hours once a week.  Next you'll be asking them to dedicate half of their manpower to playing the whole way through some shitty game that nobody in their right mind cares about, whilst the other half watches!
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Make Ryan shave? Are you mad?

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Yeah I loved how this week was 3 but like the guy above said...GB is a small team n doing a 3 hour podcast is no good...2 hour plus podcast are saved for pax, e3 and gdc