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He was very similar to Jeff in the way he jokes, and had some great stories/opinions. Get that mother back on the Bombcast while he's still between jobs!
Dude was FUNNY.
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This is true. Great radio voice too!

#3 Posted by Shadow (5110 posts) -

This was the best bombcast in a while thanks to them.  I wish guests would share more retarded stories.

#4 Posted by Emandudeguyperson (2750 posts) -

Loved his whole story about showing that basketball player his porn on his PSP

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he was hilarious. he must come back one day   
@Emandudeguyperson said:

" Loved his whole story about showing that basketball player his porn on his PSP "
XD yeah that was awesome 
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Please refrain from speaking like you missed out on schooling past the elementary level.

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@AjayRaz: That was actually (to me) funnier then the Peter Moloneux's balls bit. I didn't stop laughing until well after his story was over.
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He reminded me of Jeff Buckley.

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Yeah he was really good and fun guest to have on the show, the same goes for the other dude (though he didn't talk nearly as much :p)

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Dude, he hit on Akon's sister in front of Akon.
Yeah, he was pretty good and so was Adam. They seem to have hundreds of stories.

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It was an awesome bombcast, my main beef comes from some times it felt like too much was going on, it was an awesome bombcast though.

#12 Posted by Emandudeguyperson (2750 posts) -

One reason I think Johnny won't come back though is because of when he asked Vinny who his favorite grandma was, at that point the fun was over for me =[

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There was to much shit going on in this Bombcast, everyone was yelling over each other, I kept hearing Mickey Mouse laughing and I really didn't like the guests.  
I guess I really just prefer the good ole group of 4.

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@Boyling: Radio voice . . . makes me wanna start up the podcast again..
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One of the greatest Bombcast ever.

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@Green_Incarnate said:
"One of the greatest Bombcast ever. "

agreed. his stories were so awesome
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He was a great guest and I wish him the best of luck in his search for a new job.

#18 Posted by Jerr (536 posts) -

might have been the best one since the arrow pointing down days

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This week's Bombcast was great.

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TOTALLY, my friend who i just introduced to giantbomb thought the latest bombcast was hella good because of john vignocci 

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I want to see her, and the Gamasutra girl in the same room. It'd be amazing.

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I agree that it was one of the best podcasts to date.  Sometimes a break in the norm is just what the good ol' Bombcast needs to stay fresh.
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I thought it got a little too tangential at some points, but Johnny V. was an excellent guest, almost to the level of Paul Barnett.

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Truer Words Are Rarely Ever Spoken
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@Hay4z:  john isn't a writer, he's a developer, so i don't think he would be at gamespot.
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Very good stories from Johnny V, especially about him and Stephon Marbury(?) on the private jet.

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Probably one of the best podcasts I've heard. He (John V.) really made me laugh with that private jet + porn on PSP story. I also got the impression that Jeff, Vinny, Ryan and Brad really enjoyed Adam and John's visit. You guys should invite them back for a later occasion!

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One of the funniest Bombcasts in a while, he was pro!

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Johnny V is one of my best pals, love him to death, and he has some awesome stories. I hope he does a guest spot on Bombcast again sometime...

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that was some straight g shit.   

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I'd hire Johnny V to tell me crazy stories. I will pay him in Juggernaut action figures.

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It was the worst podcast I think I've ever heard. All he managed to do was make an ass of himself. Is this really how game developers are? "She shows her tits!" There was someone who commented on how hearing people you don't know telling stories is about as much fun as playing a video game in a language you don't speak.
Besides, what is the purpose of podcasts anyway? Is it to inform people about the video game industry or joke around about anything? I guess It compensates for a group of friends one would wish to hang out with but if this is so then why not be honest about it? Why not have a podcast that focuses entirely on video games and another that fills the above mentioned void in one's life?

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Johnny V is an idiot............. in a good way though.

#34 Posted by NeoNaoNeo (52 posts) -

Dude made it a great bombcast

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Does anyone know what episode (I think it might have been an E3 one, possibly around '10, but I just went through the video and I couldn't find it) Johnny talks about how he left Midway? This was my introduction to Johnny (and by extension, Dave Lang, who was mentioned in it) and I remember it as one of the most hilarious things I've ever heard (above even "my name is Horsey"), but I can't for the life of me find the actual fragment. Youtube has also not been very helpful at all.

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You are a gentleman and a scholar.

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Johnny V is hella loveable cause of his candor about the mischief he manages to buffoon into. He also seems like a stand up guy and is a great storyteller.