Posted by Asator (22 posts) 1 year, 1 month ago

Poll: Zartan: Hood or Hair? (74 votes)

Hood 76%
Hair 24%
#1 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2305 posts) -

I see what you are doing but you should put a description to what you're talking about.

#2 Posted by CaLe (3988 posts) -

He wears a hood to hide his shameful bald head.

#3 Edited by Doltz (35 posts) -

ITS A HOOD! Unless we are talking the new one... then its a bald

#4 Posted by Nightriff (5085 posts) -

Don't know who it is but hair because that sounds stupider

#5 Edited by GristleMcThornbody (162 posts) -

It is clearly hair in the show despite the fact that it is a hood in the comic and action figure version.