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Hey guys,

I just got my Zojrushi thermos two days ago, and today I decided to put it to the test. I picked up an iced Café Americano at Starbucks this morning (they even filled the thermos for me!) and waited for my results.

It's been about four and a half hours now, and the ICE NEVER MELTED. The coffee never got watered down. I'm calling it, Zojirushi thermoses are the real deal. Thank you Bombcast, you've given me the Thermos of choice. And it's finally back in stock after that post-Bombcast shortage!

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Anybody else pick up a Zojirushi thermos yet? Any chance you have photos of your Zojirushi success?

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Nice phones, Yosuke.

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I've been putting off getting the Vacuum Bottle, since Whiskey Media became so infactuated with Zojirushi products. I think it's about time I just pull the trigger and order one.

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How much liquid does it hold? I heard they don't really hold a lot & I need me a lot of liquid.

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Wait a minute, you're not a little Socrates at all! You're probably some sort of...regular sized Socrates! I thought you were a gnome with a beard or something.

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I put coffee that was too hot to drink in one at 8AM.

By 4PM, said coffee was still too hot to drink.

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@alternate: You're ruining my cosplay photos from A-Cen!!!! GAWSH.

@Toebias_Funke: This one's 17 oz., which is just a bit bigger than a grande at Starbucks. You probably don't want to drink a whole lot more coffee than that, but if you're looking for more, there is a 32 oz. model.

@Brendan: I'm still only, like, 19! That's pretty little still, right? (I was definitely shorter when I first got the name.)

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Ordered one (Zojirushi SM-DB50BA, 17 ounce, Black) a few days ago on ebay, as it seems that they are not officially sold in Germany, at least I couldn't find them at the usual stores.

Hopefully it'll arrive within the next weeks and it doesn't get delayed by customs...

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I can make up a full french press of coffee early in the morning and have it stay hot the entire day (well over the 12 hour mark). At the actual 24 hour mark, it will still be warm (but not hot).

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Had mine for a few months now. Still really impressed by it, except the button latch is acting a bit funky. When it's shut, the bottom half of the button kicks out a bit.

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I went to a newish cafe in town today and discovered that they use Zojirushi carafes. The Giant Bomb influence is spreading!

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My in-laws gave me a zojirushi water heater - like for quickly making tea

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*braces for thermos fad hipsters*