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So we've come to face the apocalypse and you have 3 people near by when the plague hits... who would you hope they were.

I'm gonna go obvious on this one Marcus Phoenix from gears, 
Chris Redfield from RE5
and maybe not so obviously Lara Croft
because if I'm gonna go I might as well have something nice to look at.

 Don't Judge me...

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Hellboy, Bruce Campbell, and Jabba the Hutt. Hellboy and Bruce Campbell would keep the air light with constant wise cracks and Jabba would be used as a decoy if the hordes of undead ever got too close.

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I'm going with master chief, marcus phoenix, and gordon freeman

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I'm going with Frank West, because he's covered wars, the ghost of General Tso, and Roman Bellic (it's good to have a guy that despite the deep shit that your in he's always down to go bowling).

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I would have Marcus Fenix,  pikachu, and Big Boss

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I would want to have Chow Yun Fat, Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Rock

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That Angel thing from Too Human so if I die I can be revived.  Gordon Freemon wouldn't get annoying so that's a plus.  My 3rd guy would be Samuel L. Jackson.

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Serious Sam, Sub-Zero and Galactus.

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Iron Man/Tony Stark - Advanced armour suits with powerfull weapons built into them and the ability to fly would make him really useful in the group plus he can't get infected!
Dr Gordon Freeman - A scientist and veteran of zombie fighting is always a good man to have in a group. Plus his skills with a crowbar are unmatched.
Duke Nukem - All round badass who would be wise cracking while shooting some zombies.

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Well I think its important for a good zombie team to cover the necessary positions for a classic zombie team so mine would be,

  1. The Hard Man with the heart of gold - Chris Redfield - He has the zombie fighting experiance, can handle himself when the shit hits the fan and is unlikely to leave you behind to save his own bacon
  2. The Whining sissy - Tingle - The most cringe worthy character I can remember, you'll be almost glad when he gets torn to peices by the zombie hordes
  3. The Stong Female - Samus Aran - A pure killing machine, should come in handy now and again and a prime candidate for post apocalyse nookie
  4. The tits on legs - Hitomi - The cute looks, the massive rack, everything you need for this vital team member
  5. The token black guy - Augustus Cole - the Cole Train would kick some serious undead ass, but will inevitably be the first to die, saving the rest of the team from his horrible stereotypical dialogue, DAMN!!
  6. Me - The slightly out of shape and overweigh gamer who's somehow managed to survive, although lacking any combat experiance and more of a hiderance than a help to the team of physcos, soldiers and ultra hot ladies, Im along for the ride (dead within a week)

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Chris, Frank West and James Sunderland.

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I'd take Serious Sam because he's probably more used to defending against a never ending barage of baddies than anybody else.  Alma from Ninja Gaiden (Xbox version) because if she's that hard for a normal person to kill I think she'd be a force to be reckoned with for zombies.  Then I supposed I'd round it out with Gordon Freeman.  The Freeman is a scientist and may be able to figure out a better/easier way to handle the situation. 

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Gordon Freeman, Chris Redfield, Samus Aran.

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Kratos, Samus, and Yoshimitsu

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Christopher Walken, Anderson "The Spider" Silva and Jesus.  Yes, I said Jesus.

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Scorpion for infinite flamethrower.

Duke Nukem for constant comic relief.

Jessica Alba for well you know .  ; )

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Simon Pegg - because lets face it the man knows zombies!
Gordon Freeman
Samus Aran

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ALL THE ZOMBIES IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!11!1

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I am going to need someone bloody and with no legs to distract the zombies while i go and get so guns and hand them to.
Leon Kennedy.
Revolver ocelot.
and... wait for it. ...Samuel L jackson.

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Heavy, Medic and Engineer
all from Team Fortress 2

1. Set up sentry & dispenser
2. profit

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duke nukem, bruce campbell and ashley j williams
because you carnt have enough bruce.