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So I jumped on BL2 during the steam sale and don't have the DLC yet but plan on buying it soon. I am close to beating the game but had a question on what to do when I do after the final story mission. Should I do the all DLC before attempting True Vault Hunter mode? Seeing as not all the DLC is currently out yet that might take a long wait. I really want to start another character but should I wait till after I beat TVHM?

The reason for my concern is because if I proceed with a TVHM playthrough, I read on the IGN guide that in order to get all the level 50 rewards from quests I should not do any side missions during True Vault Hunter mode until I complete a mission called "You. Die. Seriously" which makes all the sidequests level 50 automatically.

I understand the game gets much harder in TVHM and so far I haven't had much trouble in my first playthrough. Am I over thinking this or should I just play though all the DLC then start a new character and wait for the last DLC before doing a TVHM?

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You don't have to wait until completing You. Will. Die. Seriously for the loot to scale to 50. When you beat the final boss in TVHM the loot will scale to 50, including quest rewards for quests started after that point. Previously started quests retain their level from when they were started. If you do the DLC on play through 1 it will all scale to 30.

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Once you get in the mid-30s it takes awhile to level up in playthrough one. My plan was to do all the DLC before moving into playthrough 2, but after beating the Pirate dlc I saw how slow the leveling was going and moved into true vault hunter. I think you should go ahead and start tvhm.

Unlike the first game, which gave more storage and skill points if you played the dlc in both playthroughs, there doesn't seem to be the same thing in 2.

And remember, you can always go back to playthrough 1 at anytime.

And yes, once you complete the story missions of TVHM, all side quests and enemies become level 50.

Also keep in mind that the level cap is getting raised in the next month or so.

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I would recommend playing through the DLC in TVHM. You could play through them now but the rewards from doing so would be even worse than normal. And finishing the game again on TVHM will make all sidequests level 50, you don't need to kill Terramorphous.  There's not really a need to wait for the last DLC since you still have a massive amount of content to play through, unless you don't like the idea of playing through new content with a maxed out character.
The second playthrough is much harder than the first, especially if you're playing alone. You will need to do sidequests here and there to keep up with the main story, but yes, it is wise to save as many as possible until after you finish the game to get the most out them. Not that you'll be guaranteed good loot or anything since the drop rates in the game are still pathetically bad, but you'll at least get some decent stuff.

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Play through TVHM if you want better gear. Gearbox has been throwing out tons of Shift codes for golden keys that they're more useful if you just use them on new low level characters rather than saving them for when you've over level 40.

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I've played a lot of borderlands 2, what I've been doing is playing through the DLC on first playthrough with lower level character so I can get the story and figure out where everything is. The siren is the last dude I have to play as so when the last DLC comes out I'll probably start a new siren and blow through some of the game than go right into that DLC.

So far I've enjoyed the second and third DLC most, the whole pirate one didn't do anything for me. Torgues campaign was fun, even if it was mostly arena fights. Hammerlock's hunt adds enemies and has a ton of loot at the end of it.