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There are a lot of different features in this game that need friends or street passes. Since I live in the countryside and have no street passes the I thought I would put my friend code up so people can add me.


Mod Edit: Pinning this and declaring it the official Bravely Default friend code thread.

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Added you, my new friend. My code is 2938-6468-5765

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Braving and defaulting is go.

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This game really seems to like the idea of you Street Passing a whole bunch. I don't think I've ever street passed since getting my 3DS >_>

Can't imagine what rebuilding Norende would be like if they didn't give you villagers through the network connection.

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I've added each of you so far, please add me too:


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My default mode is always set to brave. Please, add me in return.


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Adding all of you guys. Please add me if you can.


EDIT: Still adding people when I can. Haven't had much time to play though this month.

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Hey got this game for Christmas. Added you all would be great if you added me as well.


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Is this game out in Europe already? Lucky.

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My friend code is 4141-2774-3255 if you guys want to add me. I'll try to keep my attack up to date.

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1822-0693-2646 pretty much just got this game please add me and i will add you back :) lemme know if added

(added you petit)

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Added all... 4441-9673-3470

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Hey duders - hit me up - name stonie - code - 2895-7171-1702

Have added all

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I don't really know how to use its features yet, but mine is 0387-8790-3496

Adding everyone.

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2191-8350-5673. If you add me let me know so I can add you back :)

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Just bought the game ! I'll try and update my attack often. I'm Noggen, my friend code is 2637 - 9344 - 2170.

I have added some of you. Can't wait :')

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Add away (and PM your code)

NNID: AegonVandelay

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NNID: mcmahamg

Can't wait to play this game. Looks great, and I really liked the demo.

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@neckface: You can be my Bravely Default wingman anytime, neckface!

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Added you all my friend code is 1075-0807-5401

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added all 22 listed above...

my friend code is 5429-8247-6850

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I forgot about the game over the holidays and went all out on Dark Souls. Back and added err'body here.

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A little late to the party but here is my friend code guys.


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Mine is s 2964-8947-5370!! Let me know when you add me and I'll add you back and here's our FB exchange as well. :3


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@icebuncle: Friendcodes over the internet don't contribute to your villager population. You can go to update data in the save menu and you'll randomly get 3-5 new villagers every day through that though.

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@icebuncle: Don't worry about the rebuilding. If you go and "Update Data" every day, you should have more than enough villagers. I finished the city halfway through the game. You will run out of money LONG before you run out of things to buy, and that's not counting the things you can buy in the normal shops.

But I have still added you, as the Abilink feature is really cool and helps building awesome characters and strategies without having to level all your jobs with every character. @petiew and @poisonmonkey's game progress have made my experience a lot more pleasant and enjoyable, so thanks duders !

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Hey all, just started playing.

My Friend Code is 2766-8217-7772

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I really like the demo so far. Feel free to add me. I already added everyone in this thread so far but I'll leave my friend code here anyway. 4038-5999-2820

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Hello all! I would love to join in on this too! My code is 2621-3756-1883. Let's be Friends!

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@zalrus9: I have added you.

If anyone wants to add me to their friends list, my friend code is 2637 - 9344 - 2170, I'm Noggen. I have all the jobs at max level (save one, but I'm working on it !) and I try to update my special attack often. It replenishes health, mana, gives 2 BPs to all allies and even brings back KOed party members. In case you need a little extra oomph :'D

I try to add everyone that needs help, but don't forget to send me a message or to reply to me so I don't miss you. I really like this game, and I'm looking forward to more people playing it !

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Dont have the game yet. Will get it once it comes out. My friend code is: 5214-9726-0813. I would love for people to reply or send me a message so I can add you back!

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My 3DS basically never leaves my house, so I'd love to get some friends for this game!

Friend Code: 0877-1636-6429

Let's do this!

EDIT: Okay, maybe I don't know how to do this. Do you need to enter a name to add someone? I've never done it. Mine's Tyler if you need it.

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@figurehead00: You'll need to add them outside the game, and then select the "Add Friends" at the save screen when you're playing.

You can Google how to add friends. Here's one I found.