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I got this today (mainly because my 14 yr old nephew was round and we decided it looked pretty cool)

It's some proper dumb fun. Just ridiculous....in a good way.

#2 Posted by leafhouse (151 posts) -

Bought it today and am having a shit ton of fun with it. Some of it is a little upsetting (melee characters aren't super effective) but for an alpha its great

#3 Posted by Capum15 (5434 posts) -

Yep. Beat it in 2-3 hours of frenzied explosions. Then I went back and did another hour and a half today. Unlocked all the Bros and am just running the levels and Brosplosioning everything.

It's basically like the free demo they put up a while ago, but way more of that. Which is fucking awesome.

I love everything about it so far. Looking forward to seeing what they do with it. Also, "Explosions 3.0: What is Broforce without better explosions? Ongoing revisions and additions to the explosions are tantamount to fulfilling Broforce's destiny."

I kinda wish there was like, god mode + infinite bombs. Or fuck it, just infinite bombs. Because that would be beautiful.

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it is pretty fun... and sadly short. 4 players is kinda crazy (and not really is a good way). totally worth getting for a few bucks :)

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