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over the years there are thousands upon thousands of free games that have been put on the world wide web, some of them good some are absolute garbage. so while i was playing cookie clicker i got the idea of compiling a list of the best or most interesting flash games around. starting off the list i will ad some of the better known flash/browser games to get the ball rolling but after that games will be added to it from user recommendation.


-edit- added a section for demos and prototypes for full games because in the case of super hot and meat boy they deserve to be on here but acknowledge that they are not finished products

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Mentioned before on one of the episodes of Unprofessional Friday but Lethal League was pretty fun.

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@forcen: That's a pretty awesome game, thank you for this.

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I'm still kinda into one of the pretty old browser games that are still up (this is pre-flash, all CGI scripting!), Rinkwork's Wizardry 1 clone Murkon's Refuge. Just a word of advise though, since it's a really old site, I doubt the password security is particularly strong - so use an unique password, not something you use anywhere else, in case that would be compromised: http://www.rinkworks.com/vault/

On the prototype game front, Wings of Saint Nazaire has a working Unity based browser prototype of the Wing Commander 1-esque sprite based space sim available at http://www.wingsofstnazaire.com/alpha.html

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Candy box was cookie clicker before cookie clicker was cookie clicker, and is also kind of a better cookie clicker than cookie clicker itself.

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