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I was looking at the new games section to see what was coming out soon. Thought it was pretty funny when I saw this posted. If this were anyway true, it would be a day 1 purchase for me.

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Finally the real next gen is here

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the future in now

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Dude, don't be an elitist scumbag. Come on.

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Got my Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Payday 2. What else do you need really? Side note guys, I heard load times are kind of a B for the 3DO edition. But its got great CD quality sound.

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i want one!

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Yep, this is apparently a common problem - 3DO is the first platform alphabetically, so it sometimes defaults to listing the 3DO as a platform.

Having said that though, I would totally buy a 3DO version. Actually, I wouldn't, but I would watch a Quick Look of a 3DO version...

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For a second, I thought someone had created a trailer/fake gameplay footage of an 3DO FMV version of Payday 2 using existing live-action footage from the web series.

Now I want someone to do that.

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When you add a new release to a wiki page the 3DO is the default platform for the new release edit as it is the first platform alphabetically on our database. Sometimes when users add new releases to a wiki page they forget the change the platform to a correct one and as a result the 3DO appears to be a platform for games that were not released on it.