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We're running a test chat with Patrick providing the entertainment today at 11:00 PST. We'll be calling for volunteers to help us. If you volunteer this is what we need from you.

* You're probably going to get banned at any moment (right away or 10 minutes later).

* A few seconds after you get the ban notification refresh your browser and try to get back into chat.

* If you do get back in. Send a message to @edgework and @rheediculous

* If you are kept out, try a different browser

* If you do get back in with that browser. Send a message to @edgework and @rheediculous

* If you still can't get in, wait a little while, You will be unbanned. We'll wait 2 minutes after the ban to un-ban you.

* If you don't get un-banned PM me @edgework

That's it...