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I tried adding Japanese releases including box arts, developers and various tags to the Resident Evil Revelations and Injustice Gods Among Us pages and the green bar popped up flashing edits saved successfully, the pop up tells me to "slow down" and that I haven't made any changes which is reflected in the absence of the release I just submitted.

Win7/64bit, Firefox 19.0

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it actually happens when I try to do ANYTHING. I tried submitting a whole new game page, same thing happened.

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Same problem here.

I just tried to submit a new game page and keep getting a message that tells me to "slow down" and that none of my changes went through.

I'm on OS X 10.7 running Firefox 19.0.

I also tried submitting it using Chrome and got the same message.

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now the "edit wiki" button disappeared altogether--are you guys making some changes and froze the wiki for that timeframe? if so, telling us would be cool :)

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I guess this was the warning, despite the lack of an actual warning. Looks like the wiki edit I made during that time didn't count for points. I earned four points but no longer have those four points.