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Hey guys.

I noticed that the new wiki layout seems to have caused quite a mess with aliases.

sorry for the barely legible text. (enlarge image to read it properly, if needed)

So, aliases are weird. On game pages, they are all just plain text, not clickable. On concept pages they are all clickable links. What's up with that?

Also, it's presented in an extremely ugly and unintuitive fashion with no line breaks after each individual alias or at least some form of punctuation (like a semi colon). It's not very reader/user friendly. Another thing, why can users no longer edit aliases on concept pages? I hope this makes a return. Not opening this up to users on game pages makes sense but concept pages should be fully editable by users who know what they're doing.

The issue with "first appearance" is a weird one. I can see how this was intended to always simply find the earliest associated game and put that in there automatically. That works well in a world where games aren't getting re-released with new features. In the picture above you can see Balloon Fight as the first use of Off-TV Play which is simply not true. The first use was New Super Mario Bros. U, since Balloon Fight just came out this January on Virtual Console which added this very feature to that version of the game. The old wiki reflected that correctly with manual inputs. Now it just displays the game with the earliest release date and thus creates incorrect wiki information that user cannot fix.

I hope both of these issues can be fixed, changed.


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I think the way "first appearance" works now is fine, except when it isn't.

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@lordandrew: Yea in a world where every game only ever exists once it would work beautifully. But that world is not ours and thus it's broken. :(