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File not found error using the rss. Other premium podcasts have downloaded previously.

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I have the same issue :(
The link from the RSS feed works fine in my browser

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For a little more info.

The premium edition of the 11th of March Giant Bombcast downloaded via the RSS with no issues.

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Hmm let's see if @drewbert had any issues with the upload.

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OK, to make matters even more strange: I still cannot download the episode, but if I choose my podcatcher's streaming option, it will play the file just fine.

All other episodes are downloading fine.

I'm starting to suspect it is an issue with the app I am using, but I don't have any proof.

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I've been getting the line "video can't be played because file is corrupt" for weeks now on every single podcast i try to download. It doesn't make sense on many levels.

I'm trying to download the mp3 version from a PC to then transfer it to my phone. (Why? Because my phone is crap.)

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Works completely fine for me with Pocket Casts.

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Same issue again this podcast.

The Premium edition of the Giant Bombcast 03/18/2014 downloaded with no problems whatsoever. Alt+F1 03/18/2014 - Melbourne = File not found.

The podcast can be streamed but that isn't normally an option, and isn't really a solution.

Some technical details if it is of use.

Android version 4.1.2

Podkicker Pro Version 1.9.4

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@crazycraven: I had the same problem with Podkicker Pro (1.9.5). Both Alt+F1 podcasts show as "file not found" but everything else in the Premium RSS feed is fine. I downloaded another podcatcher to test it (Podcast Addict) and it works fine (though that particular podcatcher has a weird implementation for authenticated RSS feeds).

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hmmm, let me take a look. Wonder if something is wierd with the URL.

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Problem persists. I'm not going to bang on about it every week. Just find it peculiar that other premium podcasts in the same RSS feed download and this doesn't.

@bzooty and I can't be the only Giant Bomb users using Podkicker pro.

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Just added the Premium Podcasts to my Podkicker, got the same problem. Can stream the podcasts perfectly, but not download. "Not Found". This is only for the Alt+F1 podcasts, not the regular Bombcast, as those I can download perfectly.

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There's a plus in the url. Your podcast app is probably decoding the plus into a space. Mine has the same problem.