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I've tried the site in firefox and everything works fine, but in chrome i get weird issues. Things like the play button doing nothing on podcasts when they are posted. The videos loading without the red play button so I have to click download to get them to play on site. Its not a huge deal, just annoying. Haven't seen anyone else saying anything so I thought I'd ask.

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Works mostly fine for me except tabs with video playing randomly lock up sometimes.

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@libram: Is this affecting you when you try it in incognito mode, too? Haven't seen anything too odd, myself.

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@rorie: at work. Will try this when I get home and update tonight

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so I've been clicking links on the site like a mad man in incognito mode. Everything works now, kinda weird. Dunno whats going on but incognito mode fixes the problem.

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@libram: Incognito mode usually disables all of your browser extensions so it is possible that one of the extensions you are using in Chrome is interfering with your ability to use the site. Not sure what extension it could be, and it is not guaranteed to be an extension causing the issue, but the fact that incognito mode has fixed the issue does pinpoint that the issue is originating in your browser.

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@sgtsphynx: yep, can't believe I didnt notice it sooner. Some weird extension called LIKE. Deleted it and now everything is back to normal. Thanks for the help. I'm a dork.