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Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers. I am listed as the top contributor to that wiki yet it does not show up on my wiki history. Much thanks for any help and keep up the fantastic work you guys.

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I am taking it that this is not an issue for anyone else

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@chocolaterhinovampire: Are those edits from before the big site change? I also have edits from long ago that don't show up in wiki history, but all of my recent ones do.

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I honestly have not even checked my wiki history in a real long time, so it could be happening to me and I just don't know it.

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I don't think wiki edit history from pre-seaserpent is available for anybody. Can't imagine that's a high priority fix given what else they probably got to do.

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@slag: @bobafettjm: @joshwent: @chocolaterhinovampire: We are going to have a pretty major wiki re-write at some point within the next few months. I can't guarantee that this stuff is going to be fixed before then, but hopefully when the whole system gets upgraded this stuff will work properly. Sorry for the trouble; we definitely want to make sure you guys are rewarded for your contributions.

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No worries Rorie. It is all edits I made before the switch.

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@rorie: oh wow, that's cool to hear.

to be honest I figured the old wiki contributions personal history were lost in the ether given the transformation the site went under.

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The Wiki is used by about 2% of Giant Bomb users. It's filled with conjecture and subjective opinions. It shouldn't be high on the list when the site still barely works on the iPad. Fix that.