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Heyas duders, wondering if this is a bug on my end or a new feature for the site.Any page with a text entry box on it seems to pop up a dialog box saying "Are you sure?" with buttons for "Leave Page" and "Stay on Page" for answers.Hardly the end of the world but can be annoying when moving from article to article to quick look to forum posts etc.

This is in Firefox 18.0.2 on Windows 7 64-Bit.

Edit:Tested on Chrome, the pop up only appears if I actually put anything in the comment box.JIC it matters I'm using the Dark Theme. Also doesn't happen in Firefox Safe Mode so it's likely something on my end but I'd still appreciate any help I can get.

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Happens in Firefox for me too.

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Just spent a bit disabling add ons one by one and restarting Firefox. Turns out "SmartVideo for YouTube .097" is causing this for me. It's not a make or break add on for me at the moment so I'll leave it disabled for now. If this applies to you too, Bacon, let me know!

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Another Firefox with this issue here.

If it helps any I had this problem on the old site too using the Parchment(?) v2 comment box thingamajig, no issues after I switched to v1.

No v1 to switch to anymore though so I'd be glad if you could fix this somehow. :)

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The message also continues to pop up even if you've deleted everything in the text box where before it would detect if you had emptied the box and not give you the warning message when navigating away from the page. This is in Chrome BTW.

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Good point Kaidorin, I definitely had switched to (IIRC) Parchment v1 at some point to fix an issue. Possibly the very same one. Now I don't even see an option any more either.

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umm? I'm pretty sure this happened on the old site too. It's not a bug, it's intentional, and it's to prevent you from accidentally navigating away from or closing a page where you were writing something.

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The issue is that it asks for confirmation to leave the page when I haven't written anything or even touched the text box.

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Yup, same, also on Firefox. You even get it leaving a video page because it has a comment section.

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We don't have access to parchment as a wysiwyg option anymore because that's on the old tech stack. I'll have to look into how the wysiwyg detects whether it's been modified or not to address this issue.

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Great, thanks for looking into it for us!

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In work I have to use Internet Explorer :( Getting the same message here on everypage that has a text editor, even if i dont go near it