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I've been noticing this for a few days now: audio content (the podcasts, premium or otherwise, Interview Dumptruck, Gaming Minute) doesn't work. The web player and download links point to nothing.

From my limited technical understanding, they're simply not on v.giantbomb.com? The 8-4 Play podcast works because that is hosted on libsyn.

And after some more sleuthing on my part: download links on video don't work either. Seems to be a problem with v.giantbomb.com in general.

EDIT: Oh, completely forgot to mention, tested this on both Chrome and IE11, Windows 7.

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Works for me, could be an DNS issue on your side. If you're running Windows, open the command prompt (type cmd into the Run window) then type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter. You could also try to change the DNS in your network settings to use Google's DNS, in case something's wrong with your ISP's DNS servers. Google have two DNS servers at and

Rebooting your modem or router (and leaving it off for 30+ seconds, which will make it renew it's IP) could also help.

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@fisk0: Well, that was a quick fix. It wasn't the DNS flushing, nor the DNS servers.

I suddenly remembered messing with the hosts file (as per this blog post, download speeds were atrocious for a while over here). Deleting the entry for v.giantbomb.com fixed my new problems. I just hope the old problems don't come back...