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I'm getting audio crackling when one of the crew shouts something. Like it's overblown. I've tested my speakers by lowering their volumes as low as possible and I can still hear the crackling. I'm guessing they're blowing out their microphones when they shout.

I'd like to confirm if I can that it isn't my speakers (even though no other audio I've tried makes them crackle.

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Yep as of late I've been getting crackling a lot too. Ive listened to sections on both my headphones and my PC speakers. Mostly from live shows recently.

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I happened to me during the Devil May Cry stuff Brad just finished.
These headphones made it sound super loud as well so it caught me off guard

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I'm pretty sure I heard Vinny talking about this today. Not sure if it's a change in the mics or what, but they're onto it. I didn't hear any of it in the Ride to Hell quicklook (and they were yelling right at the beginning), so hopefully it's just a temporary issue.

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Just came here to post this very thing. I guess it's new mics, but it really sounds like they're not running the audio through a compressor/normalizer.